Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

The latest study, which hasn’t yet been peer reviewed, used newly available data to estimate the efficacy of the vaccines against severe disease caused by the Delta variant. The results were reassuring. The Pfizer (ticker: PFE) vaccine was 94% effective against hospitalization caused by the Delta variant after a single dose, and 96% effective after a full two-dose course.

The AstraZeneca (AZN) vaccine, meanwhile, was 71% effective after one dose, and 92% effective after two.


Doubt that this Moderna batch would be open to younger folks. The above 60 population is still much higher than the current vaccine supply. I think they might open up this batch to above 60 group and some special groups (such as pregnant women), but it won’t really be open to all adults.

Future batches might be open to adults though. Especially if we can somehow figure out the BioNTech stuff


Chips and first line of defense against an evil regime that threatens the world.


Taiwan already purchased vaccines. They have not been delivered yet.

Do not feel bad about donation. Taiwan is an strategic ally both politically and economically. There is a legal precedent for support. It is a win win scenario and it does not take away from other nations. It is not a zero sum game.


Hmm? As everyone knows, the 19 in Covid-19 refers to 2019, the year of its discovery. To invent Covid-20 in 2021, one would have to travel back to 2020. Otherwise it would be Covid-21.

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I mean you are attributing it to me, not to the one who said it.

Has anyone had the covid app alert you to having contact with a positive person?

Not really the right thread for that. Try over here:

In one of the threads someone posted about their wife being notified because they were in a Taichung Mitsukoshi at the same time as a positive case. Here’s the start of that exchange:

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Dont be surprised if a batch of J+J arrives, FoguangShan and Tzu Chi were negotiating for 600,000 pcs and were told they had to deal directly with the government, so passed over the deal to the CDC, while still offering to pay.

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This is why other countries ordered more, every country apart from the US is in the same situation, its not a get-out clause.

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Senior american official disagrees with you, Taiwan is facing its own challenge, not on a level field with other countries. Somehow a powerful third-party has been interfering.


Is there any info on the number/percentage of people vaccinated so far, or any info on the uptake?

When they did the mobile vaccination in my area, when I tootled past there was barely anyone there which was disappointing. It was announced a number of times for any of the old to go, but it seemed very few did.

The most up-to-date I’ve found is here, from early June

Which shows a breathtaking average of 1,650 vaccine per day in Taipei City … wow. I really hope it’s gone up since then.

Great, I agree, China is a slight issue in the single case of the purchase of the BNT in January after they turned down the chance of getting the distribution rights in Octover. You must also be new to politics. Of course the US officials would say that when they are in an influence war with China right now.

The increased dose to Taiwan is just part of the geopolitics theatre going on at the moment, dont buy too much into it. Even Chen admitted that they made serious mistakes in the procurement process the other day


You may find more later stat by clicking (Source: Taiwan CDC) on the site

That’s sums it all isnt it? Don’t think China limited itself to btn while America still had a “non-optimal” leadership. The balance seems to be turning, so now I expect more good surprises.

Found it

Almost 85,000 daily for the last update on 6/18.

That is pretty piss poor to be honest, when the vaccination program has been up and running for a couple of months now.

I dont understand your English or what you are trying to say or even what you are trying to achieve here.

You think that the Chinese government stopped Taiwan receiving AZ, Moderna and J+J vaccines? Did they also stop the government have enough rapid tests for an outbreak?

I mean there arent a lot of vaccines right now, what do you expect. The plan is for a million per week when get vaccines

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