Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

the [cabbage] is [spoiled]

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Blame them for sending vaccines to clinics. Small turnover, you’re bound to have some leftovers. What do you do with leftovers? Pour them down the sink? Heck no. Taiwan’s having a vaccine shortage. Waste not. Better let the mafia standing outside or patrolling your territory get their shot, too.

According to Minister Chen, Academia Sinica has had a breakthrough with the mRNA technology this year, so Taiwan is now capable of producing mRNA vaccines. They are in talk with Moderna about manufacturing in Taiwan:


And why not Pfizer? Same technology right?

Or politics?

What’s especially ironic is that TW always promotes itself as a high-value manufacturing powerhouse. TSMC and all that.

I wonder how all the “TW is Numba 1 in everything” posters reconcile their beliefs that TW should invest big in everything including biotech reconcile those beliefs with this perfect example of the short-sightedness, stingininess and risk aversion that is not in short supply in TW.

Not only that. We’re talking about vaccines for a pandemic that at the time was ravaging the globe, and still is in many places. There is guaranteed demand for this product because it’s life or death for millions.


most people are really short sighted though…

We have vaccines and all sorts of innovations for a reason. Most people might be short sighted, but not all people are short sighted. If you put the people with vision in the right environment, you get amazing things.

Why do I feel I am knocking up against a brick wall. One more time, the government has several orders for different vaccines before this current outbreak happened, you want to criticise the amount purchased? Fine. You want criticise them for not buying them earlier? Okay. Just don’t argue they didn’t buy any vaccines which is what some of the hyper partisan arguments have been saying.


Are rich and famous Taiwanese so lazy and/or stingy that they couldn’t just fly to the US to get vaxxed?

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Agreed, would be good to comment about recent vaccine news rather than repeating the same discussions (and again and again).

They’re doing just that. Demand for flights to the US has shot up as people fly in droves to the US to get vaxed. There are even vaccination holiday packages available.

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Some are I’m sure, but how many? I flew business class to SFO last month and most of the cabin was empty. And I’ve had a couple of friends do walk-in COVID tests to travel in the past week and they reported that there weren’t that many people. When I went, there were dozens.

If CEOs and entertainers are going to a place called the “Good Liver Clinic” for AZ, maybe the news stories about Taiwanese flocking back to the US are just a little overblown?


When last month? Because the vax vacations are a phenomenon that has only been around for about two weeks.

Eh problem is most clinics got 8 to 15 vials allocated, no biggie. Good Liver got 15, then 12…then 100. And no one blinked. It was not a matter of leftovers. 1000 people got called in the middle of the night by Line to get a shot.


They got a mention a couple of weeks ago, and Minister Chen quickly hosed them down, pointing out that the ban on Tour Operators selling outbound tours still applied. I don’t doubt that some are organizing things ‘under the table’ though. Rather expensive way to get vaccinated, even if it is just one J&J jab.


Still, a CEO or average celebrity should be able to afford it. As per the testimony of one if the witnesses, these are the kind of stingy folk who love free stuff, who doesn’t?

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At the end of the month when the sky was falling.

Well they ended up getting some free publicity.


Here an example, Wang Lee-hom went quietly to US to get vaccinated

The issue again is that some media quote that in Taipei City alone about 50 thousand medical and first line workers are still unvaccinated.