Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

You should talk to a doctor, and not seek medical advice on this forum.

If there are doctors here, I have not yet met them. :upside_down_face:




I’m intolerant to penicillin. That, Sir, is a legitimate condition:

As is photosensitivity:

Electro sensitivity is less believed, but there’s a case for it:

Duck embryos are used in some vaccines (though not in the COVID jabs, I admit)

Im also a little worried about some vaccine ingredients.

Now. Can we respectfully debate this subject as long as we cleave to the facts? Are my posts valid?

What’s there to debate? If you have questions about whether any of these things would justify not getting vaxxed, you should talk to a doctor.

But Google is your friend too. For example, penicillin:

As for being “a little worried about some vaccine ingredients”, can you state which ingredients that are part of the COVID vaccines specifically are of concern to you? Because this type of thing is commonly mentioned in anti-vaxxer circles.

On the other side of the coin is the issue of getting COVID. If your body is sensitive to so many things (I mean that sincerely and not as an insult), imagine how you might react to the virus itself.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, Google is our friend, and they want the best for us. As for debating, I believe a few facts, and the occasional literary flourish, are all fair game in debates, are they not? Have you ever seen Prime Minister’s question time? Let us continue in that spirit, if you wish.

I’m not really here to make a case for what ingredients I may or may not be allergic to. I believe it is incumbent upon you, the Taiwanese and governments of the United States of America, to prove to me:

1) That the case numbers are accurate, sincere and devoid of secondary interests.
2) That the vaccines have undergone enough testing, for a sufficient period of time.

You are managing and marketing the product, I am the potential consumer. The burden of proof lies upon yourselves to demonstrate efficacy, sincerity and trustworthiness.

In Feb-April 2020 I took a lot of Vit C as preventative. It served me well. I follow all rules to the letter. I may also consider taking Ivermectin, or some other oral prophylactic… If you know of any alternative tests that are acceptable on flights, I’m sincerely interested.

I also want to go to Indonesia this year. I read that you could get a non-nasal test, as an alternative to the nasal swab test. There have been some concerns as to the safety of the nasal swab tests. Google is your friend too, you may research the potential risks of PCR tests at your leisure… or not, as the desire takes you.

This looks promising:

As you know, the rules change a lot. I guess I’ll have to call the hotline, whatever that is. I know the CDC (CECC?)) has done a fair bit to make our lives easier. So yes, I’m grateful to be here. But I have every right to decline things that I believe may be inimical to my future health.

Take Care and Godspeed.

What good will such a proof do? Even if they can give you the numbers, your body may react badly to the vaccine and be lethal.

But then the virus too could be lethal to you. So it upto you.


I would think an active virus would be more dangerous than some benign substitute,
not just for you but also the people around you.

But as you say its up to the poster to choose.

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Idiots . Shocking how poor understanding the medical community have of this.

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Why ?
We are all changing our behaviours wholesale right now.

Won’t happen like smallpox. To much money required for something with much less risk.

Here’s what I think.

The older folks need to up their game and say to their kids working as nurses: you know what? This virus is bad news, and we would prefer that you look after your health and we’ll be cautious about this until every one is vaccinated. We love you and hope to see you in person again soon.

Given everything I have seen / heard from this older generation, they seem utterly incapable of formulating such thoughts, never mind speaking them, despite it objectively being in their best interests to do so.



So its the habits amongst nationals with hukou. Let’s get it right. Not poor demestic help in Miaoli. Well gives policy makers some direction as to where to implement quantantine cell lockdown.

No shit, TW. That’s why you should have accepted the deal to make vaccines yourself.


You outlined the situation well.

I never met so many entitled stubborn conservative selfish old folk as I met in Taiwan .

That said my in laws told us to stay away and we don’t even work in a hospital.


Good on them!

Perhaps there is hope. :upside_down_face:


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First they were expecting us to visit during dragon boat festival (we were never going to visit ) but they quickly changed their minds…So yeah…Hope.

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It seems in this case that the “keep the contaminated folks from Taipei out of our neighbourhood!” discourse has outweighed the filial piety discourse.

We’ll take the positive outcome however it may emerge!


That won’t happen. The older generation are the ones calling them home. My mother in law is more interested in seeing us now we are in level three. She has more free time because her dance classes are cancelled. She knows I have more free time so she wants me to constantly take her to Costco.

A lot of people here think that they won’t get covid because their family is clean. They go to ten places every day but when you ask them, they say they don’t go anywhere so it is impossible to get it. My wife’s sister said to me when it was level 2 that she doesn’t understand why her kid is always sick, she only goes to school and they test the temp everyday so nobody is sick there.

Since this whole thing started, I’ve done 2 PCR tests, 2 rapid antigen tests and am now vaccinated. I’m still alive, haven’t had a brain aneurism, my eyes haven’t fallen out and my 5G signal is stronger than ever.

Jokes aside, you don’t have to believe COVID is real. And you’re free not to get vaxxed or submit to PCR tests. But the reality is that going forward if you want to do certain things, like travel to other countries, you’re almost certainly going to have to do one or the other.


I’ve also had two pcr tests and a Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine, and I’m still alive, waiting for the ability to stick magnets on my forehead (that’s apparently the new conspiracy theory about the vaccines). And for the person worried about the nasal swab tests, at least at the hospital I went to in Taiwan they gave me the choice between nasal swab and throat swab, and even let me do it myself. Really not scary.


Someone actually pays for 5G here. :thinking:

I can get 100mbps on $300nt 4G and obviously have wifi at home and work.

Not interested in 5G until it’s as cheap or it’s required for my self driving car :grin: