Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

Taiwan is now going to be in a rush in September to administer 10 million vaccines, why would you want to build choice into that system, its going to be hard enough to get people into places to do it. But I could be wrong

From what I’ve heard about the logistics in hospitals, it seems they should focus on preparing for the high demand when vaccines arrive, so they have an efficient system for administering vaccines to those who are eligible and interested.

I never said I would want to. I said that given the choice some people would not choose the first available option. And I said that given near-term vaccine availability there is no reason for the government to remove people’s choices. And I pointed out that allowing people to make choices is part of being a democracy.

When there was no risk of COVID and the AZ vaccine was optional, those who were eligible chose to wait. There was no difficulty getting people into places to do it, self-paid, when that was an option. As soon as the outbreak occurred AZ was snapped up and now there is none left. For the foreseeable future, there will be no difficulty getting people into places to do “it” regardless of what the vaccine is (unless it comes from China).

We can return to this discussion when there is a vaccine surplus, whenever that is. Until then, it is moot.

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The upshot is, the vaccines are way, way down the road. It’s May 27. Do we just stay in semi-lockdown for three months? Is that feasible? I know other countries did it but that was because they had case loads in the tens of thousands.


Ooh, someone woke up optimistic this morning!

I’m betting they stick with the existing system of making people do all the registration/consent stuff twice (online then in person) then hang around in crowded hospitals for 2-3 hours.


“it seems they should” ≠ “I’m optimistic they will”

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I’d be delighted to be proven wrong, but I think yes that is what will happen.



Can anyone break this down?

Medical related personnel
Central and local government personnel
Special need to go abroad
Keep social order (police)
Keep welfare and social benefit running (caregivers and patients)
Keep national security (military)
19-64 high risk, rare disease, great injury/disease


Talk about priorities…


So you are just posting the existing priority list?

Aren’t we now up to #8 on that list?


Just breaking it down as a tl;dr :wink:

Don’t be afraid to add value. If you can, tell us where we are on the list, tell us how things stand now based on what you can find.


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Special priority category for laoban?

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People here would seriously rather take a Taiwan vaccine with limited data that probably has only been trialed on a small sample of Asian people over the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, because it’s sold by China?

How much stuff sold by China do you buy a month? Really need to get off the DPP crack pipe.


New 410,000 AZ doses have arrived.
Taipei and New Taipei: priority for group 1~3 who have not received vaccination
Else: group 1 who have not received vaccine and emergency use for gov travel who have received vaccine.

Stage 1 27th, 150,000 doses,
Stage 2 6/10, 260,000 doses - group 1&3 who have not received vaccine are prioritized


Hehe. :wink:

From the article it seems that it’s for emergency travel on government business.

Its not just three months. 10 million Vaccines arrive at end of August and best case scenario is they get administered in breakneck speed in two months. So you are looking at November for half the population to receive one shot


The UK is one of the best in class models for administering vaccines and right now are handling around 500,000 per day with each appointment taking no more than ten minutes in and out.

Taiwan has much less than half the population, so if by some kind of administrative masterclass they could manage 250,000 per day, thats still 40 days.


I feel sorry for the hospital cleaners, delivery people, ground staff…etc who aren’t paid as well, aren’t labeled as medical-related personnel but have to deal with this COVID crap.

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Its a moot point, a Taiwanese government cant do business with a private company in Shanghai. Its just not possible and everyone knows that. I dont care about the vaccines themselves, because they are made in Germany, of course would be willing

Lol. Maybe Taiwan should tighten up and kick the many 代理 that are here and let the original companies come here and set up shop. See how the average customer feels when having to deal with 代理 crap and outrageous fees.