Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - November/December 2021

not even 90% double dosed is herd immunity anymore. Korea reimposed curfew at 9pm despite being 92% adult fully vaxed and like 81% of total population fully vaccinated. Now they go a pill, taiwan needs to get that asap.

you need to remember a lot of people in the USA have had covid and need to wait X amount of time before being eligible for a vaccine post natural covid recovery. Also a lot of people have had covid and don’t feel the need to vaccinate.

46,649 doses were given yesterday, of which 35,219 were second doses, and 6,962 were Booster shots. 15,556,503 are now fully vaccinated which is 66.50% of the Total Population.


So less than 5000 first shots administered. I wonder if the remaining 12% of the population (i.e. adults in Taiwan who elected to not receive any COVID vaccines) will suddenly clamor for them when Omicron enters the community. :neutral_face:



Time to have a third outbreak?

115,958 doses were given yesterday, of which 97,268 were second doses, and 11,249 were Booster shots. 15,663,106 are now fully vaccinated which is 66.95% of the Total Population.


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Even though Christmas is not celebrated to any extent in Taiwan (except by the Retail Shopping Traders), it seems the Vaccination people must have been taking a break as only 24,305 doses were given over the weekend, of which 15,650 were second doses, and 1,954 were Booster shots. 15,684,897 are now fully vaccinated which is 67.04% of the Total Population.


well no-one believed me when I said Taiwan will not reach any better than 70-75 percent fully vaccinated in October without change of rules - and actually I have heard of many friends who were pushed into (2nd) vaccination by their workplace (workplaces not actually requiring vaccination).
They are doing now some desperate pushing by vaccinating people without papers/overstayers - but that will no give more than 1%.

Want higher vaccination rate - announce opening of borders and omicron incoming. Should have happened already 4 weeks ago to announce it happening by Mid January (to give everyone the time to still get vaccinated with 2 doses who is thinking about it).

Well anyhow Taiwan can watch Norway - it will be the same with omicron let loose in Taiwan. Just really should get those oldies vaccinated then open up ASAP. Pushing young people into vaccinations while old remain unvaccinated is really stupid. If it hits Taiwan it will be a disease of the +65 generation. Can just hope that Taiwan then does better and introduce restrictions only for that age group. Omicron is coming anyhow and will infect 80% at least (posing problems only for very high risk groups).

Also - since 10. October or so there are abundant doses of all vaccines available. Since over 2 months everyone who wants to be vaccinated had the chance to get it (except those staying illegally). In September I predicted 70-75% fully vaccinated tops. Actually it’s way less now. If I were in Taiwan without wanting to travel I would not have got the vaccine either (I still think only for overweight and/or above 55 years the vaccination makes clear sense - and should be mandatory for all above 60 or obese).

Oh yeah - 65-67% fully vaccinated by now depending on the metrics - with about 5% simply not getting the second shot because they stopped it for the 12-17 year olds means actually Taiwan reached 72-74% fully vaccinated (children one shot should be enough anyhow - to cover those obese children which should be the only children vaccinated in first place besides other with known risk factors)

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Those people in this “illegal” category have been welcomed to get vaccinated too—at no cost.



im surprised tbh, I thought it would be at 80-90%

Depends on the age range. Ironically, it is higher in the younger tiers, before 50. And drops significantly after 75, as per CECC numbers.

Someone will come up with a nice chart instead of the buried in the back CECC. numbers.

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Don’t forget that there will be a jump in the double vaccinated percentage when the 12-17 year olds get their shots. I still think we’ll end up at 80% doubled vaxxed, essentially 90% of all eligible.

Edit: That’s still a dangerous situation.

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This is the most recent I can easily find, from December 21. I’m not sure if they’re making the chart themselves from data on the CDC website, or finding the chart somewhere else. Still only 67% double-vaccinated for the 75+ group. That’s the lowest for any demographic group, except for 12-17yo, who only just now are starting the 2nd dose.

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The numbers right now only advance because people need vaccinations because of a vaccine mandate - all people who want to be vaccinated - are vaccinated already.

And yes, 5-6% is out because it’s the 12-17 year old people of which only few are double vaccinated.
Adding them around 26-28% remain unvaccinated. That is a far stretch away from 85%-90% vaccinated rate some countries are posting but still having problems.

But yeah vaccination mainly matters for the older half of the population - they make up 99% of deaths and 95% of hospitalizations. And then for those 45-65 year old, it’s well over 80% with health problems already. So it’s vital to vaccinate +65.
For the rest the vitamin D supplementation will work out just like it does in Norway (and to lesser degrees in Sweden, Denmark and Finland - the only other countries doing wide scale supplementation) to not cause big problems.

Need to get the 65+ generation to 95% or higher fully vaccinated - then Taiwan can relax. But yeah likely they will only vaccinate if there are reasons - like compulsory vaccination or fear of open borders and announcement that on Date X the 0 covid policy will end.

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If “work out” means potentially “deal with Long Covid,” then yeah sure.

I’ve seen one of my students deal with this and all its cognitive impact. It’s no joke, and I’m sorry to say your prescription for vitamin D supplementation is not enough.


the biggest study on long covid to date - showed that if you’re told you have covid (even though you did not have it) you are under bigger thread of long covid than by actually having had covid. Long Covid is real - but it’s in most cases just psychological. Media should never haved scared people into the long Covid trap.
But yeah the numbers in Taiwan on vaccination are as everyone here knows exactly the opposite way they should be. If Taiwan wants to open up - they need to get the elderly vaccinated. And it’s not about them not having had a chance yet (except the illegal category - which just gained access - and is less than 1% of population) - everyone had chance to be vaccinated already, plus most even with 100NTD voucher appeal.
Those who are not yet vaccinated - mainly will not accept vaccination without change of environment!

Taiwan had vaccines to get around 80% fully vaccinated by now - maybe even 85%. The supply was sorted since 10. October or so (and clearly since 1. October it was clear supply of vaccines is sufficient to get everyone vaccinated who wants to).

Some Long Covid patients in the illuminating and heartbreaking BBC article linked by @Brianjones in the Long Covid thread are quite upset when they are told that it’s “just psychological.”

I do agree however with your assessment of the elderly in Taiwan and their decision to not get vaccinated. I can only imagine the amount of bullsh&t they must be reading and sharing on Line to arrive at these decisions in such large numbers.



No one likes to be told they’re crazy.

Here is the study - so best is even if you have covid, someone tells you, you don’t have it negative test. Then the chance of you developing long covid is lower than if you don’t have covid but someone tells you that you test positive…

The findings of this cross-sectional analysis of a large, population-based French cohort suggest that persistent physical symptoms after COVID-19 infection may be associated more with the belief in having been infected with SARS-CoV-2 than with having laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 infection. Further research in this area should consider underlying mechanisms that may not be specific to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. A medical evaluation of these patients may be needed to prevent symptoms due to another disease being erroneously attributed to “long COVID.”

but keep on believing those scare mongering BBC documentaries… That is the result of over 26.000 cases!

But yes - if you have severe myocarditis (from covid or vaccination) - you will also have severe long covid - no way around it. But this is rare for healthy people (not overweigt, no diabetes, and so on). Long covid out of nowhere likely is mainly psychological (though you could have myocarditis without knowing if it’s not severe - and then give you long covid out of nowhere). Long covid is real - but it’s certainly not out of the blue from your asymptomatic infection if no-one tells you about the infection…!!!

BTW this study is a big support for simply not testing - or only test people with strong symptoms from Covid - to avoid this an other placebo problems. Everyone knows the power of placebos. However with Covid fear mongering the placebo effect alone should worsen the crisis by factor of 2… So good on Taiwan. I kinda think the danger of delta was the placebo effect only vs beta or original strain. At the beginning most people had not been scared to shit by media.


53,558 doses were given yesterday, of which 15,650 were second doses, and **** were Booster shots. 15,736,132 are now fully vaccinated which is 67.26% of the Total Population.

**** They have split the Booster Numbers into “Foundation Enhancer” and “Supplement” so who knows what they are playing at. Until we know I wont bother reporting them, back to the pre-booster numbers now.

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