Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - September/October 2021

This would be complete insanity (even more so than it already is).


So, a covid positive girl was freely moving around for 4 months


Luckily, she was probably only infectious for a fraction of that time. But still….

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She said she had cold-like symptoms around the same time too…did she not ask to get a covid test?

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I see people sneezing and having running nose around me often with no concern. Even in my office my collegues tell me very casually " i got cold". This idea that they can have covid never even come across their minds so i guess that girl thought the same. Its always the same logic “i am not coughing and have fever so its not covid”. Truthfully, most people still dont know that covid can have many other kind of symptoms not just fever and cough in all cases.


I think loss of smell is a big one…

I understand your concern and I also don’t like how everyone assumes their illness can’t possibly be COVID even during an actual pandemic (or they don’t want to believe it can), but COVID is a very dry virus. Sneezing and runny noses only present very rarely. Loss of smell/taste, extreme headache, diarrhea, dry cough, fever, disorientation, fatigue… basically how you felt when you got the vaccine times a hundred… is what people should be keeping track of. People with sneezes/runny noses should be cautious and probably stay home from work, but only people with classic symptoms should get tested.

Here are the symptoms people should watch out for (runny nose/ sneezing is not included even in the “less common” section:


221,252 doses given yesterday, of which 167,687 were second doses (mostly A-Z). 1,578,805 are now fully vaccinated.


So what’s happening?

In the news this week: 1.08 million doses of Moderna and 640,000 doses of AZ were received yesterday.

Locally produced Medigen is available to pretty much any adult who wants it.

Kids at school are lined up to start receiving BioNTech vaccines. The government current has approximately 1.84 million doses on hand; 1.25 million of them are reserved for youth aged 12-17, who have priority.

There’s quite a lot going on!



A post further up suggests that the BNT shots start on the 25th.

I guess I should check if I’m eligible for BNT.

Did they say that 12-17 year old kids have priority on BNT?

I thought I read that somewhere.

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Got this today.
Does this mean I have to enter the serial code somewhere when I set the appointment? And it means after 12pm?

It means you can book your Medigen shot

Between 9/20 and midday 9/22 , go on the 1922 website and book shot

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So we do get alerts when to book our second shot, right? Because I should be eligible for my second AZ shot in about two weeks.

I think they must be short of shots. My wife’s parents still haven’t heard about their second shot and they’re in their 70s. Perhaps 12 to 17 year olds are being prioritised with the limited vaccines available.

Why ? AZ is well tested and works.Just curious is BNT better?

I think the 12 to 17 year olds only get BNT not AZ ?

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I didn’t know that. My wife’s parents got Moderna. Mixing shouldn’t be any problem.

I got zero side effects from AZ , so staying with the Cambridge technology. :wink:

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