Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - September/October 2021

Finally obtained a vaccination appointment.

Very happy.


It’s the “Yellow Book” vaccination record (called 黃皮書 here).
If you got your vaccinations at a hospital, then it should be fairly straightforward. Book an appointment at the travel clinic of the hospital, and go with your passport/ID and the yellow local vaccination card.

I got mine at Mackay Hospital. Most of the other people in the waiting area were there for the same reason.

The process is fairly easy. When you check in you are given the Yellow Book to fill in with your name, date of birth, nationality etc, which you give back to the nurse. When your number comes up, you see the doctor for a couple of minutes while they look up your vaccination record and confirm your details (not really the best use of their time?). Then you go to pay. Once you bring back the receipt you wait a few more mins and the nurse gives you the completed Yellow Book, with the jab details, various stamps and signatures required. They also include the batch numbers.

Thanks! But if I got vaccinated at a clinic, where to then get the “Yellow Book”?

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Well I have got an appointment on Thursday morning at the EXPO site. Bit of a hassle though as the Booking system didnt like me (why are we not surprised!!), so my partner got on the phone. It seems that there were two causes, one being the ARC No issue (old one is linked to NHI, new one isn’t), but also that my first shot was in New Taipei City. So much for what their booking form said, seems they didn’t know the difference between “and” vs “or”. But, it was my lucky day, as the very helpful lady on the other end decided that I should get an appointment, and that she did after ‘fixing’ a few things so my details would go through.

Now lets hope that this rain ends before then.


Ditto! :grin:



The CDC website seems to imply that you can just take your yellow vaccine record to a travel clinic at any of the main hospitals to get it. I assume there is a central database of vaccines which the hospital can access, even if the vaccine was given elsewhere.

Also it might worth asking at the clinic where you had the jabs to see if they can suggest what you should do.


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I can’t seem to figure out if I have to redo something on the vaccine registration appointment? my age range is now coming up for the BNTpfizer vaccine, and I do have my profile set to moderna and Pfizer, but once my age range is up, do I need to go and do something else on the 1922 website? or do they just send me a text message?

309,885 doses given over the 3 day weekend, of which 272,303 were second doses. 4,480,974 are now fully vaccinated.


I sure hope the rate goes up this week. There are millions of doses available.

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I’ll be doing my part. My first appointment is next Monday. :grin:



I am thinking of #3. I got AZ here in the spring with the Self paid thing. Then Pfizer in Usa in June so I figure I could go get my second AZ here as a booster since it seems a mix is not ok to travel to us after November.

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If you have proof of a Pfizer vaccine, you should try to persuade one of the clinics to administer BNT to you—especially if you want to travel to the US in the near future, as mixed vaccination is not currently being accepted by the authorities there, despite data showing it works really well!



I have no problem with AZ. Seems to work overtime just as well as the mRna ones, maybe even last longer.

Yes I agree, that’s consistent with what I’ve read. The fact you’ve received mixed doses may be even better as data from the Canadian provinces of BC and Quebec have shown.


Didn’t you already get vaccinated months ago with the rest of us? I thought you had…

yeah seriously. I thought spike had injected every vaccine known to mankind by now. Are you telling us you actually waited for an mRNA vaccine?. Be more patriotic. yeeesh

As I’ve indicated in some earlier posts, I am among the idiots who selected Moderna and BNT only.

With Moderna, I grossly underestimated:

a) the number of old people in Taiwan; and
b) the slowness of Moderna’s delivery schedule.

My a&& however may be saved by the heaps of BNT now arriving. I am scheduled to be one of the recipients next week.



What was your reasoning behind this decision?

I teach (like many of us posting here) in a postsecondary institution in Taiwan. I read that teachers were to be included in priority category 7. Great! I reasoned—correctly, it turns out—that they would be allotted AZ based on availability at that time. I thought, OK, I’ll also request Moderna through the general online system to leave this option open—whatever comes first. Well, the next step was the MOE deciding that postsecondary teachers are not teachers and therefore not included in category 7. At that point, I was left with Moderna only. I added BNT as soon as it was possible to do so, and I will receive that vaccine in the first round I’ve been eligible.

In short, I have followed a convoluted path showing quite clearly that I am not very bright—overestimating the MOE, Moderna’s delivery schedule, and my potential luck all at once.