Coronavirus vaccine in Taiwan

It’d be interesting to see what the Taiwanese government came up with if they decided to go this route. I suspect something like NT$50 of EasyCard credit, foreigners excluded, spouses of Taiwanese citizens reluctantly included but the registration system doesn’t work so they need to make 7 phone calls first. :grin:


Some fellow on the Taiwan reddit sub described the process of getting the jab, and took shots of the forms required. Probably the first useful post ever on that lame sub.


Blood clots kill Canadian after AstraZeneca jab

A Canadian woman has died from a blood-clotting disorder after receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, officials said late on Tuesday.

The death was linked to vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, according to Deena Hinshaw, Alberta province’s top doctor.

“As chief medical officer of health, I am sad to report that tonight we have confirmed the death of an Alberta woman in her 50s from VITT following vaccination from the AstraZeneca vaccine,” Hinshaw said in a statement.

Presumably this is in Canada, so it’s off-topic for this thread about vaccines in Taiwan.

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That is kind of scary. I’m in my 50’s and have an appointment on Friday for the shot. Not sure about this now.

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I believe it is relevant because the AstraZeneca is our only option in Taiwan.


The Dutch government started publishing an age breakdown for patients entering hospital with Covid. The largest group in hospital right now is > 50 , (described in the media as overweight symptoms, non-fit, or with underlying conditions) I did not include < 30 , as only the very unlucky from that group enter hospital.

The purple line is > 80, and in the first wave they were the hardest hit. However, that group is now mostly vaccinated for > 2 months, so numbers are going down fast.

Currently, > 60s are being vaccinated, but the over 70s still have a few weeks to go before full protection from the vaccine sets in. (Numbers are p/million in age bracket).

Why this graph? If you are over a certain age, the risk of entering hospital because of covid far out weight the risks of vaccine related problems.


DutchMan is overlooking that the risk of getting infected by covid in Dutchland is about a zillion times higher than in Taiwan…

…for now.

Bottom line. Whatever your choice, it’s a throw of the dice. Know the odds before you roll.

As of now, the odds favor those who vaccinate.


DutchMan is overlooking that the risk of getting infected by covid in Dutchland is about a zillion times higher than in Taiwan…

7000 new cases on a daily basis. And life continues mostly normal… but only because we managed to avoid overloading the hospitals. Outlook is good, hopefully. India cooled down a lot of “opening up” speculation these past few weeks.

I hope these reminders give Taiwan a chance to get proper vaccination going, otherwise its a virgin population waiting to get Covid, and then things go wrong quickly.


Just heard on the news CDC is saying employers must allow a day off for employees getting the vaccine.

Can anyone find info about this?
Paid or unpaid leave?


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I don’t get it.
So if it’s unpaid, what’s the point of mandating this leave policy?

Is it just so people won’t be fired for taking a day off?


Or lose a vacation day?

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For now .

At some stage though one must travel again and you will be exposed , covid is unlikely to disappear completely. It wil become something like measles or chicken pox or a bad strain of flu that can be managed by vaccination but if no immunity in adulthood and over 50 or 60…Watch out …!!

They need to shape up with their vaccine rollout it’s a disaster so far. Singapore is already at 20% vaccinated I believe…Stupidly high risk to the population and economy with so many elderly and general popn unvaccinated. Waiting for Taiwan’s manufacturers untested population wide vaccines is the solution ? Come on…Let’s get serious.


For a guy who joined way back you don’t post much :joy::grin:.

I just got the first dose today at Far Eastern Hospital. There were a fair number of foreigners (none of whom will even acknowledge me) there.

Right now there’s a slight pain at the injection site and I am beginning to feel a little bit of a flu symptom…


I left the good place a while ago, but with my now adult daughters travelling in/out Taiwan I keep an eye on what is going on … and of course we are planning is to retire in Taiwan in a few years.


All the people I know who got the shot have had the same symptoms within 24 hours.

moderate to extreme lethargy / fatigue


lack of appetite and some nausea

light fever

sore throat