Coronavirus Vaccine Passport petition - (UK only)

Not a topic for discussion, but an opportunity for UK citizens to register disapproval for any kind of vaccination passport or Id. Sign if you agree and wish your voice to be heard. Would be good to see this get above a million.

We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable.

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Your choice. Maybe you can swim there.


I’m not against vaccines, and generally I would encourage people to get vaccinated. However, I have started to get quite worried about the COVID ones, as multiple people I know in the UK have had very bad reactions after getting their first shot of Pfizer. Of course doctors just say their is no way they can prove their reactions are related to the vaccine, but it seems to me that the chances are high. One family member has suddenly started having severe problems with his joints, and says he feels like a 90 year old man despite being in his fifties. A very close family friend who was vaccinated as he works in a hospital started to get a very bad rash over his whole body and is having seizures in the night. He also still caught the virus after getting vaccinated. They say it is ‘long COVID’. I have no doubt that the vaccine is safe for the majority of people but it starts to get scary when people close to you are the ones having reactions. On the other side of the coin, my very elderly grandmother has had both shots and didn’t have any reaction at all. I’m glad Taiwan can’t vaccinate yet, as it gives me a chance to see how others abroad fair first. A vaccine passport might be good to facilitate quarantine-free travel, but it will obviously be used to limit travel to those who haven’t been vaccinated which is why I signed this petition. Ultimately though, I know vaccination passports will be implemented and it will have nothing to do with the government.


Signed it weeks ago. Pure lies coming from the mouths of politicians.
Looking forward to civil liberty groups going to courts as well as individual fighting in the courts.
The spirit of Harry Wilcock is needed as it will turn into a CCP social credit scheme should they get their wishes. This will be rolled out everywhere - not for C19. The EU are going to roll it out too.

You may as well ask for flying without a passport.
Ridiculous petition.


These vaccines are extremely well tested for safety and side effects.
Serious side effects are very rare. Pfizer vaccine has 94% efficacy. There’s almost never been a better vaccine in history.

It seem you could be just cherry picking some random illness and fitting it to the vaccines (different ones).

Anyway you are free not to take any vaccine shot.

When did he get the rash and the seizures ? After the vaccine or after getting covid?
Does he have existing health problems ?

Rheumatoid arthritis. Could be caused by many things . More common in older people.

I like vaccine passports. Also gives a great incentive to people to get vaccinated. As a matter of fairness, the benefits should however only be available once a larger part of the population has had a chance to get vaccinated.


After the vaccine. Could be unrelated, but still worrying.

I’m not against vaccines, just concerned is all.

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As I mentioned the Pfizer vaccine is an incredibly effective vaccine , a true medical breakthrough , and has been assessed to the highest standards of any product or drug you will find out there. It continues to be monitored in countries all over the world in huge studies.

So people should worry about all the other food and poorly manufactured drugs and bad air they are ingesting more than this vaccine.

The researchers found that in those who had a previous natural infection, vaccination increased their antibody levels more than 140-fold. “This increase appears to be at least one order of magnitude greater than reported after a conventional prime-boost vaccine strategy in previously uninfected individuals,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

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I’m all for the vaccines. But these have by necessity been rushed out.

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Safety wasn’t compromised, they ran two trials at the same time. Now they are running huge population studies.


I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, my 69 year old mother got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine, as well as at this point around 50% of my countrymen (Israel), around 4.5 million people, and as far as I know, there were no known abnormalities reported that were caused by the vaccine whatsoever. Some people have experienced fever-like symptoms after the 2nd dose, but the vast majority pass after 24 hours.

The panic caused by the prospect of vaccination is completely unwarranted in my opinion, and mostly fuled by fake news and “Facebook research”.


Exactly, young people would not bother themselves with getting vaccinated unless there will be some incentive to do so, like be able to going to a pub or a movie theater again. It’s different for old people (60+), who have a good chance of getting hospitalized due to Covid complications, and thus are naturally incentives to get vaccinated ASAP.

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This sounds uncannily like a Brexit petition.

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Where can i sign the pro vaccine passport petition?

I think it’s a great that these morons would get actual tangible downsides from their selfish actions, cus right now they just get away scott free.


Tony Blair is involved in this.
Says a lot that that sociopath backs this.
Some people think he has their best interests at heart.

I heard on the grapevine they have a secret codename, ,‘The Blair Witch Project’.
There’s a documentary on it online , look it up.
Scary stuff !

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As long as people don’t have access to the vaccine I think a passport is a bad idea, but hopefully that will change soon. I’m ready for my vaccine and passport.

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