Coronavirus: What can you ship to/receive from overseas?

My brother in New York City is in a pretty bad spot as local pharmacies have been stripped bare and he can’t even get sanitizer due to all the panic shopping. I have a surplus of hand sanitizers and want to send him a small 50ml bottle of one in the mail. But my wife said Taiwan won’t even allow one bottle shipped, and I don’t want to lie at the post-office when they ask what I’m sending. Can anyone enlighten me on the official policy? I thought the ban on export of face-masks and sanitizers was only if there was clear intent of distribution. Not if you want to send one small 200 NTD bottle of sanitizer to a relative.

i find it quite touching how you care about your family. if you want to send this, then try it, maybe put a bottle of kaoliang liquor next to it and send it as 酒 :stuck_out_tongue:

the reality is, sanitizers or masks are not gonna prevent him from the virus. maybe a little, but if he is in constant contact with strangers a 50ml bottle won’t last long. and if he isn’t, washing hands regularly is much better, also doesn’t damage your skin.

those sanitizers are toxic to your skin. discussion i overheard a few days ago from a guy refilling the sanitizer stations, if you use this stuff long enough, the virus will not infect you via mouth,nose or eye but through your hands.

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Can your brother get hold of rubbing alcohol (70%+ proof)?

You would need to check if alcohol based sanitizer is considered hazardous, as a fire hazard kind of thing. If it is, then it cannot be shipped.

Shanghai Pharmacy had a bunch if it may help. Cheaper than 200.

Actually 95% is better for home made sanitizer.

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Can we ship hydroxychloroquine out of Taiwan?

Like four or five boxes, 10 tablet to a box.

Maybe DHL?

Be aware: chloroquine is not the cure-all the President has depicted it as. It’s been linked to fatal heart attacks.

Thanks, but not really the subject in discussion or question in this thread.

That is being discussed in other threads.

Hoping to find info about shipping it out of Taiwan.

Just letting you know since you plan to send it to someone.


Post Office shipments to certain destinations are suspended

Also shipping by DHL , FedEx , TNT are implementing a temporary surcharge


I’m trying to ship a box of cloth masks to the USA via DHL.

Their site gave me a quote of $900 NTD if I use a drop off 7-11 location.

I tried to print out an invoice for the shipment online, but that seems to only be available for door to door pick up…which costs a lot more: $4,900NTD.

How do you arrange / pay for a DHL shipment at a 7-11 drop off location?

Does anyone know whether this list applies to incoming parcels as well, or just outgoing ones? I ordered a couple of small packages from Sweden last week that have already been dispatched via the Swedish/Danish postal service (PostNord) - the company’s website doesn’t have Taiwan listed as a suspended destination, and PostNord doesn’t seem to have suspended delivery to Taiwan either.

I’m expecting the packages to take longer than usual of course, which is fine, but just wondering they’re likely to be returned to the sender or held in a warehouse somewhere for ages.

It doesn’t apply for incoming parcels , the suspension is only for outgoing parcels ship by Post Office

Keep tracking your package , because could have some delays in transit airports
Once the parcel arrives at Taiwan then should be shipped as usual

If you want to send package abroad then you can use DHL , FedEx , UPS.

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Just opted to do normal post.
It was the cheapest option.
700NT to ship a 2kg box of nonsurgical masks and gloves to the US. 7 day delivery.

Not bad compared with 4500 with DHL or FedEx.

Post office asked to see the contents to verify the masks were not surgical. They were very helpful and kind.

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UK not on that list but have been suspended by UK Royal Mail, possibly Sweden doing the same, look on Swedish post website.
My sister sent me a bunch of items and important documents 21 days ago looks like I may be waiting until June before I receive them.

I tried to do the same a couple of days ago, though to a different location… got a quote of TWD 6,000 for an envelope with 10 cloth masks :roll_eyes:

I was told the reason was that DHL is only providing the most expensive priority shipping at the moment hence the exorbitant rates…

I used EMS in the end. Paid TWD 580 and it arrived within two days.

I’d love to know if this is still going on. Anyone know if postal services have resumed to any of these destinations?

Update from Post Office



Uh oh … my parents sent me airmail from Canada two and a half weeks ago. In Canada, they were told it’d take at most a week. It hasn’t arrived yet. Now I’m curious why Canada Post believes there’s airmail service from Canada to Taiwan, but Taiwan Post doesn’t think there’s airmail service in the other direction.

Took mine two months. Best be in for a ride.

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