Corporate classes

Ok… I know I’m being lazy; that I should search the forum for this first. So, if you’d just like to direct me to another thread with this info, thanks. If not…

I’m going to teach English classes at the company I work at. This is not an independent client. I will get extra money for it, though, as it is not part of my “normal” job duties. They have never offered classes to their employees before, so don’t know how much to offer. And, I don’t know how much to charge.

I’ll be teaching some business English, but also basic, ol’, regular English as well. Do I charge per person? Per hour? Per person per hour? And, how much? Any assistance is greatly appreciated

I heard of $500 for the class and $100 extra for each head. So say you have 5 ppl in the class thats $500 + (5 * 100) = $1000

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