Correction of Chinese grammar via computer

Is there a computer program which will run under Windows and which will enable me to check on “incorrect characters” or “questionable grammar” in Chinese text that I am composing?

To quote something I’ve heard over and over again from the Chinese: “Chinese doesn’t have grammar!”

I envy people who only need to worry about the grammar.

Hi Richard,
I used to have such a program…trying to remember what it was called. I believe it was “chu2 cuo4 da4 shi1” – at least hte “chu2 cuo4” part is definitely right (除錯大師??) It was pretty good as I recall, although it’s been four or five years since I have used it as I thankfully don

who can teach english???

Chinese(Mandarin) does have grammar along with it…just usually native speakers(Mandarin speakers) also make grammatical mistakes as well. That’s why speaking one language is different from teaching it
~ :wink:

A lot of people. Apparently you could do with it, considering this thread has absolutely nothing to do with that, nor even does this entire board. Smooooth.