Corruption cases continue to grow

Wow. This article didn’t mention it, but I believe I read that the son-in-law is now being held indefinitely while they investigate possible conspiracy on this case.

Taiwanese official held over graft allegations

Detention of science council chief adds to litany of scandals hurting president


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A senior Taiwanese official has been detained over alleged corruption, the latest in a series of scandals to hit the island’s embattled president, Chen Shui-bian.

Hsieh Ching-chih, vice-chairman of the National Science Council, yesterday became the first senior government official to be held over a suspected profiteering scandal involving southern Taiwan’s hi-tech hub.

“After more than four hours of discussion about his case, we decided to detain him,” said a spokesman for the Tainan District Court.

Mr Hsien submitted his resignation to Premier Su Tseng-chang before being detained. It is alleged he improperly awarded an NT$8 billion ($1.9 billion) project to reduce vibrations caused by a high-speed train to Huang Hua Technology Engineering Co in late 2004.

The allegations came to light after one of the bidders complained that it had offered to install more effective equipment for NT$1.85 billion, but failed to win the contract.

The project, scheduled to be completed in August, is designed to reduce the impact on hi-tech firms in the Southern Taiwan Science Park when a high-speed train starts commercial operations in October.

The independence-leaning Mr Hsieh, 65 - who has supervised the launching of three satellites for Taiwan - had been blacklisted by the former Kuomintang government for his political stand and barred from returning to the island after he moved to the US.

His detention has dealt another blow to the Taiwanese leader, who has been troubled by a series of scandals plaguing his government and his family.

Prosecutors yesterday subpoenaed the president’s son-in-law, Chao Chien-ming, Dr Chao’s parents, Chao Yu-chu and Chien Shui-mian, as well as Dr Chao’s brother and sister-in-law for questioning over their alleged roles in a suspected insider trading scandal.

Dr Chao has been accused by opposition legislators of earning about NT$400 million through alleged insider trading in the shares of the once financially troubled property company Taiwan Development Corp, using a stock account registered in the name of his mother.

Prosecutors later arrested two businessmen allegedly involved in the case. It was not immediately known whether they would detain Dr Chao or his parents. They have denied any wrongdoing in the case.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese media reported that Dr Chao’s father served as an adviser to four firms, receiving a total salary of about NT$430,000 a month, compared with the NT$340,000 paid to Vice-President Annette Lu Hsiu-lien.

Making matters worse, Mr Chen’s former chief bodyguard, Yu Lien-fa, was found to have invested NT$9.3 million in shares in 2004, while having a maximum of only NT$2.46 million in his bank savings account.

Yes. :astonished: That’s what I just heard. The President’s son-in-law has been arrested. That is BIG news.

I’m glad it happened; I never liked him anyway. And if he hadn’t been arrested the accusations against Chen for allegedly sheltering his family would never end.

But I really feel sorry for his wife: very pregnant with her 3d child, asshole reporters hounding her relentlessly, and now her hubby in jail. . . Bummer.

Incidentally, here’s what he allegedly did:

[quote]Investigators raided the residence of the parents of President Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) son-in-law yesterday, the latest effort to find proof that the family was involved in alleged insider trading of Taiwan Development Corp. shares.
Arriving at the residence of Chao Yu-chu in Yungkang City, Tainan at 5 a.m., five Taipei-based investigators questioned Chao and his wife Chien Shui-mien over their transactions involving TDC stock last year.

The family made a substantial profit on the trades after obtaining the shares when they were priced near their lows in July 2005. The Chao family bought the shares after the president’s son-in-law Chao Chien-ming attended a dinner party with the company’s executives last July, which allegedly resulted in the purchase of the shares at a favorable price.

Change of fortunes

Prosecutors found that Chien bought five million TDC shares four days after her son’s dinner with TDC Chairman Su Teh-chien, shortly before the ailing company was to receive a NT$16.5 billion loan from a 29-bank consortium that was to change its fortunes.[/quote]

Is there any more or less corruption now than there was before the DPP came to power? I would guess it is about the same. If more cases are being reported and prosecuted now then this is a good thing.

From what I have contact with, it is slowly improving, but no where near the speed that it needs to. People know what should be done, they just have no will to do it.

I wonder if Mayor Ma will live up to his former reputation and go after CSB family when CSB step down from office.

Mayor Ma will never live up to his former reputation, as the Taidong case showed up.
Anyway, as there is another case now involving the NSC, I would say that all this “guanxi” and corruption that where the everyday life of Taiwan in the past 60 years, are still here to stay. No matter who the guy in power is, minds don’t change that fast.

It’s good to see people with a lot of guanxi getting caught for breaking the law.

I see these as baby steps towards Taiwan becoming a society that follows the rule of law.

Agree, no matter the color of the guy, if he is guilty, jail him. However, I would also jail all the guys leaking information to the media, even in national security matters. And, I would make all the tv’s and newspapers put big time appologizes everytime they post something wrong - would make everyone equal, wouldn’t it?

Can we say that a guy that wins money by using inside information is no worse than a guy who wins money by posting wrong information???

But we are also still waiting to see a tv comercial like the ones that where playing in US in the Clinton Era…

“Have you ever saw or heard about the first familly doing shopping - If so. please call us - we will make sure they will pay for it…”

Does that apply only to the media? Or can we charge fines every time someone posts an incorrect story to a public BBS forum, as well?

Maybe we could start with the thread about Taipei Times not being available on I could also think of a number of examples involving other posters here.

Most countries have laws against libel/defamation. Most countries also have laws against insider trading. I have no clue what you’re trying to propose here.

about that one, cctang…

Well, I was trying to say that people and the media say whatever they want (even if, like the guy from TVBS sayd, “only one or two in ten news, they are happy with it”). The taiwanese is the country with more live-coverage cars per capita, and the huge bunch of news-tv networks who are either blue or green. If you look at the news everyday, you may see that the reporters may have more information than the prosecuters themselves. How can this be possible? Can you tell me a country in the world where the journalists can go wait for people inside the international area of an airport? For sure I never saw that in Europe…

And for all that corruption, the most incredible is that all these allegations come from a guy who should be in jail if it wasn’t for the protection of the party who is fighting so hard against corruption… and no one is talking about Hsu Tsai-li (許財利), is it?

And, by the way, according to the news, KMT regulations state that a party member’s rights should be suspended if he or she is prosecuted. The party cancels membership if a person is found guilty in the initial trial. So, why is Chiu Yi (邱毅) still lurking over there?

You’d be mistaken if I thought (or cared) whether Chiu Yi was in prison. I think the protections given to these legislators are ridiculous.

That said, why don’t you join me and the rest of the world in thanking Chiu Yi for exposing this corruption for judicial prosecution… and let’s hope that if anyone is found guilty, they too spend a long, long time in prison.

Agreed. Anyone that breaks the law should be done with. I’d like to see Chiu Yi join them after his tenure for his little stunt with the truck - but that might be asking for too much.

Insider trading seems to have a long ‘tradition’ in Taiwan. I know people that make thier primary income off of it. Just one of the means that the people of means in Taiwan use it as thier personal sandbox …include in this consultancies, re-zoning of property, managed real-estate appraisals, fake contributions, assets held in relatives names, assets sold at cost and re-purchased after death to avoid inheritance tax…etc…

Well, they had 50 years of a corrupt government, and the top guys are not that different. The difference now is that people are going to be jailed, think that would be unlikely to happen 10-15 years ago. I bet that almost all the top guys in this country all have done something illegal.

Bad costumes are the last ones to disappear, so they say…

What’s the point of being a politicain these days, if all you have to look forward to is getting arrested…how is a dishonest man suppose to make a living these days.

What next? Deportation for running a red light.

This is a good thing, granted National Science is not as influential as Presidential Office, but it is a step in the right direction.

Is anyone actually keeping a scorecard at this point, including indictments and convictions?

well, DPP still has a long way to go (how many KMT’ers are overseas or in the mainland with full pockets?)

K = Korruption
M = Mass Murder
T = Terror…

That is just too ghetto.

Just to illustrate that the DPP is the party for education and internationalism.

DPP - “Why be different?” Deep Pockets Party…

50 years… more like ever since the beginning. Corruption is an inherent part of government. People who think CSB and DPP are above this are naive.

It was disappointing to read that Ma just jumped on the PFP lynch mob cause because some KMT rabble rousers called him a coward. He’s got to be above this, otherwise, he’s just another typical Taiwanese politician.

Strike a blow for democracy and rule of law instead of going out there and doing a 180 degree about face. :unamused: