Corruption cases continue to grow

Well, they did anger management for 2 years, so it is time to do some witch-hunting again, isn’t it?

Anyone knows if Chiu Yi will be in first row this time again?

The newest accusations are that the First Lady deposited huge funds in accounts established by her brother in Swiss bank accounts. Reportedly many of these banks have restrictions on accounts established by political figures in order to limit local embezzlement (I didn’t even know the Swiss cared), but the First Lady was able to circumvent this rule using her brother’s accounts.

Chiu Yi has to have someone inside feeding him this stuff. How in the world can he know where every skeleton in CSB’s closet is located?

well, one usually says that nothing like looking into our closet to know another man’s one…

I know the Chinese love ping-pong but US300,000 for the Table Tennis Association? :smiling_imp: That is a lot of racquets, tables, and balls.

[quote=“Taipei Times”]

The investigation into allegations of insider trading by members of the president’s extended family has [b]uncovered a NT$10 million /b deposit that was apparently embezzled.

As investigators sift through the bank records of President Chen Shui-bian’s (陳水扁) son in-law, Chao Chien-ming (趙建銘), and his family, prosecutors discovered that Chao’s father had a large sum of money deposited in one of his accounts by a prominent businessman.

Prosecutors on Friday summoned Chao Yu-chu (趙玉柱) for questioning on suspicion of embezzlement, but released him on bail at 11pm.

“Chao Chien-ming’s father, Chao Yu-chu, was released on NT$2 million (US$61,660) bail, but he has been prohibited from leaving the country,” said Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office Spokesman Lin Pang-liang (林邦樑) yesterday.

After learning that Chao Yu-chu’s bail had been approved, son Chao Chien-hsun (趙建勳) quickly brought NT$2 million cash to the Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office, enabling Chao Yu-chu to leave the prosecutors’ office at around midnight.

Prosecutors have been working to uncover the origins of several deposits made into bank accounts owned by Chao Yu-chu and his wife Chien Shui-mien (簡水綿).

Among the deposits, prosecutors discovered that in 2003, Eslite Books Chairman Robert Wu (吳清友) deposited NT$10 million in one of Chao Yu-chu’s accounts.

The Ministry of Justice’s Investigation Bureau last week summoned Wu to question him about the deposit.

Wu told reporters after the questioning session that the money had been a “donation” to the Taiwan Table Tennis Association. Chao Yu-chu, the head of the association, controlled the account into which the money was deposited.

Since Chao Yu-chu did not then transfer the money into one of the association’s accounts, prosecutors suspect Chao Yu-chu had embezzled the money.

Lin said Chao Yu-chu failed to explain why the money was still in his account.[/quote]

maybe they have to put a lot of money in the world wide tennis association to make them aknowledge Taiwan