Corruption guanxi and foreign affairs bureaux etc

Some people say that in the past if a connected person didn’t like a foreigner, all it needed was a friendly call to the foreign affairs police and the foreigner would be refused a visa without trial or even a reason being given ! Was this true ? Is it still true ? Could a bushiban owner with good connections get a foreign bushiban owner kicked out the country just because of the competition ? If a cop just doesn’t like you can he get you thrown out the country ? If so could this be challenged under international law ?
Why am I asking ? Well no I am not in trouble at all, however some fellow foreigners are running scared of a bushiban owner and don’t dare to switch schools; alledgedly the owner is so well connected that she can get you thrown at the country and banned from returning on a whim !

Apparently before opening up a bushiban she herself was a foreign affairs police officer. Now this may not be true and so far is just talk with no evidence, however in theory could the above scenario happen in Taiwan now or in the past ?
Please only reply if you know what you are talking about and not just guess work and no conspiracy theories etc.

As the co-owner of the largest (as I understand it) An-Ching program in Kaohsiung I feel comfortable saying that this is a myth.

I would however, be very careful in signing contracts. I have heard of one school owner who has vigorously pursued breaches in contracts here in Kaohsiung and has gotten $250,000NT “profit” in return. Just watch what you are signing and be prepared to meet the stipulations in the contract.

Ah, just re-read your post and I do believe I know of whom you are talking about.

In a couple of weeks (and if I have the time and inclination) I will post some secrets on how teachers may better protect themselves. But I am unable to post potential counter moves. :wink:

Thanks. Not sure if we are talking about the same person. However this lady should not be in education and should be running pachinko instead of the child education business. One thing that upsets me in Taiwan is the corruption in education, ESPECIALLY children’s education. Being married to a Taiwanese and life experience certainly makes it no surprise to me at the gangster and corrupt police involvement in many aspect of business in Taiwan and Asia. However i guess i have to admit (at 38 years of age I am almost embarassed to say) how surprised I was about corruption in education on this island. I feel very dissapointed about this. Yes construction, night clubs etc we all know is tainted with gangsters all over the world including the west, but at least to my knowledge education has only very minor gangster activity in western countries as compared to Taiwan.
Some areas of the island are particlarly bad for it i.e. Hsin CHu and Chia Yi. However the private high school system is soaked with back handers to bushibans and damn right nasty agents. My advice to anyone readoing this is similar to yours, “be very very careful what you sign”. If the contract looks bad DONT SIGN IT NO MATTER HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE.
I have known some agents to accuse employees of stealing their own salaries i.e. they dont ask the employee to sign when picking up their salary and then pretend to make a police report that he/she stole it !!! They will then say they have retracted the report and make comments like “you are not really leaving us are you” ? Yes this happened to someone i know, until i gave him the right advice and he dealt with it.

Surely its about time that teachers on this island got some sort of voice, some kind of united RESPONSIBLE voice (and i dont mean giving power to a few irresponsible teachers that always turn up late to work and do nothing in class, then b-ch about it when they are fired). Fortunately I have noticed that there are some much better cram schools being operated by foreign management or joint foreign managemet around these days as compared to the past.
I’d like to hear people’s comments on how we can help clean up the english teaching cram school education here, both to deal with corrupt bullying cram school owners and completely incompetent teahcers.

I’d like to hear people’s comments on how we can help clean up the English teaching cram school education here, both to deal with corrupt bullying cram school owners and completely incompetent teahcers.[/quote]

Sorry, we can’t change the system.

System too firmly entrenched.

Too much money on the line.

Many foreign teachers are here for a short time. They want to earn a few dollars and then bail.

Simple, sign for salary sheets or only accept your pay being deposited in a bank account.

As for one owner supposedly having others deported… not necessarily nonsense as there are many ways to show that employees have broken contracts.

Have to agree Jim, nobody like a rock spider!


[quote=“Highway Star”]Have to agree Jim, nobody like a rock spider!


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