Cory Booker 2020


A long, interesting and informative piece.


You bring up jews and people of color frequently but I never mentioned Jews. You did NOT me


I don’t bring it up…you do. You still have not even supported any of bookers policies. Do you even know them?

If you’re going to use Louis Farrakhan, an anti Semitic, it’s a perfectly fair question to ask you about it.

You see how I’m questioning Bookers policies and political history. You are the only one bringing race of the candidates from the very first post.


Eh, unfortunately it’s Politico. That’s pretty hardcore Democrat propaganda, that mag is. I have no doubt Cory Booker comes out smelling and looking great by the end.

Do you have anything with a stronger whiff of political independence?


You know much about the great Louis Farrakhan. You seem to dislike helping people of color, muslims and have a deep knowledge of Farakhan. What do you think of Catholics?


But I’m a person of color in the US…I don’t want to help myself?


I doubt outside of the USA many Muslims have heard of him. Some have though.

Sounds like a charmer.


No to Booker. I’d go for Kamala because she was a cop.


They don’t support him because according to the nation Islam, Elija Muhammad, their late leader was a prophet of Allah. For Muslims, the prophet Mohammad is the last and final prophet.

Nation of Islam also seem to forget, Mohammad was a slave owner and a black slave owner. He would trade 2 black slaves for 1 Arab slave because blacks were worth half of a Arab.

Which is a sad truth about Muhammad Ali. His former name was Cassius Clay, named after a prominent abolitionist. He would change it to Muhammad and his sons name Ali, who are both black slave owners…the nation is Islam lies.


Was wondering what happened to this thread. So glad it’s back!


My reply was removed so i shall not waste my time writing replies although i would be happy to continue if allowed free speech. But not here. At least you can put up a good fight. Enough for me on this thread if I’m censored on it. We are used to it.


I’m hoping that by late spring 2020 we finally get some closure here, to see The Who Is A More Minor Minority Fight to the Death among the Democrat hopefuls. I think it just might come down to Kamala “Knees” Harris, Cory “Spartacus” Booker, and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren.

Cage match!


What about Bernard “Bernie” Sanders?


Socialists are a minority in the US, true enough. But I think the serious money comes down to race among Democrats. In 2020, anyway.


Minorities can win after all your darling Trump lost the popular vote


Sez yer privilege. :whistle:


A couple of other nice pieces

Yet Mr Booker is patently a heavyweight, and one Mr Trump might struggle against. The president’s eagerness to rubbish the senator alone suggests that. “If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have not future! I know more about Cory than he knows about himself,” he once tweeted. “I love you Donald,” Mr Booker said in response. “I pray for you.”


The 2020 Dem primary should rival the Obama/Clinton clash, which was nasty.


I think the biggest knock on him is taking money from big pharma and corporations. He also voted against drug importation from Canada that is supposed to lower drug prices. I don’t think that’ll look good against the other democratic candidates from their voter base.


The first article I linked there talks about that a bit, but they mention he sponsored a bill to import cheaper medicines?