Cory Booker 2020


Voting against drug importation is really going to hurt him. The dems were mostly for it. And if he goes up against trump, trump was for it and he will for sure attack him with it. I can’t say for his reasoning but that will leave a bad perception to voters from both sides.


This argument is the same one offered by the pharmaceutical industry. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), which lobbies against importation, maintains that it opposes importation because “foreign governments will not ensure that prescription drugs entering the U.S. from abroad are safe and effective.”

“My first response to that is show me the dead Canadians. Where are the dead Canadians?” former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, once asked during his own push to allow for importation.

Show me the dead Canadians. I’d rather see how much money Big Pharma has pushed around since say Viagra came to market.

Aaand if I’d read the whole thing first, I’d have seen this five minutes ago:

Booker has received more pharmaceutical manufacturing cashover the past six years than any other Democratic senator: $267,338. In addition, significant numbers of pharmaceutical and biotech firms residein Booker’s home state of New Jersey.

Yeah, that’s no small sum o’money.


If there’s one thing most Americans can agree on. It’s they don’t like big pharma. Taking that money and voting against his party and Trump is going to leave a bad perception I don’t think he can overcome.


Who knows cuz hashtag hand full of race cards for distraction.


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Tempo’s Politico article gave me a good background about the guy. I agree, more informative here.Where ever here is.




We are going to have everyone and his uncle and their dog run for president in 2020 because everyone and their uncle and their dogs think “ shit if Trump can be President literally anyone and their uncle and their dogs can be just as good or gooder as President”

To be honest it’s a tough job. But what’s a narcicist with the worlds biggest ego to do?
(Talking bout Trump)

What’s scary is is anyone going to be a good President ? Or is Trump going to win again?
There’s enough MAGA people around to win a second term…he’ll he might wanna change the constitution to declare himself President for life.

Now is it him or China’s what’s his face Pres for life the devil? Check for the mark of the Beast.


Mental Health?



Out of those listed/ announced, only Bernard “Bernie” Sanders could win against Trump’s re-election campaign, CMV.


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Hasn’t he lost some support from his base after his reaction about being scammed by Hillary was to support her?


Mrs KKK Clinton and her rapist husband are both some of the biggest scammers on the planet !



I’m going to plant milk on my coffee.


Yes we know you like it black inside :rofl:


For a group of people that seethe at the notion of identity politics, I see nothing but identity-politics related invective. In a conversation about Booker they started amongst themselves.