Cory Booker 2020


Differently from you, i love all colours. Black outside, pink inside (cunt); it’s lovely.


I have no problem with identity politics.


A few weeks later, he co-sponsored a bill to achieve the same thing.


You sound like you’ll be having a lot of societal benefits coming your way in the future. Will you know when you’ve achieved them? If not, I’d be willing to self-identify as whatever it is you think your group is and let you know when you’ve gotten there. You’re private school in the West-Indies then university in GB, right? I’m good at pretending as well so I can be there-ish for you.


He speaks Spanish, interesting. Very logical for a North Jersey politician, shows good game.


Wonder why he flipped. I’m not really buying it’s a safety issue, but he will probably be grilled on why and will have to explain it.


He was on record that he voted no because there were no safety checks on the meds to be imported, and that it was addressed in the later bill.


It could be the reason, but i’m a little suspicious.

He seems like a decent person, in another time I might have supported him. But i’m not feeling the vote for me because i’m black vibe. We will see if he has the chop for the presidency soon enough now he made it official. I need to hear him do a bit more campaigning to make up my mind.


He looks like he could be a strong candidate. This election I’m only concerned if they’re human and if they have the best possible chance of winning, not necessarily in that order.


He will annihilate Trump



They laughed at Trump too then looked like old fools.


yes , true …but I think he alienated many voters at the Kavanaugh debacle.
Maybe I am too old…I was watching Clive Lloyd in my youth …oh yes.


My favorite Spartacus will always be Charlton Heston.

CNN wants to anoint Kamala. This doofus would be an excellent spoiler. Make the primary interesting.


wrong post section


I think you mean another great American actor, Kirk Douglas, in one of Kubrick’s best imo (and imo whose voice was equally as memorable as Heston’s at an American drive-in theater a half-century ago, as you hurried back to your car with an armful of top notch bad food).


Charlton Heston was first choice. Or, rather, Douglas should have got Ben-Hur.

Interestingly enough, it could have been Leslie Nielson.


Best actor voices as background at American drive-in movie theaters in the mid1960s, in descending order. Memorable even though played through a tinny, corded, 5-lb window speaker - but helped immeasurably by a soft summer night, a sky starry beyond belief (would be unbelievable today), and a six-pack of Coors in sweaty, ice-cold cans waiting on you.

5-Kirk Douglas
4-Charlton Heston
3-James Mason
2-Christopher Lee
1-Gregory Peck

Probably debatable, though.


Nordics all look the same to me.