Cory Booker 2020

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Seems fair.

states legalizing marijuana have hurt the Mexican cartels, I’m guessing.
If this legalization went federal, I’d be for it.
The hard-core drugs are a different story.
If federals legalize mary-jane, Trump should then pardon all criminals convicted of it that were not involved in MJ crimes related to someone’s death by murder.

A major issue with rep and conservatives I’ve always had was their stance on the war on drugs. I hope they can make the jump over. We are pretty clear weed isn’t very harmful and even have medical uses. It’s nobody’s business if someone wants to smoke weed in their house and suck people with cancer should absolutely have access to it if it can help them. And no reason to ruin a persons life with a record for possession of weed.

I lived and had some relatives around there a good part of my life, can guarantee it is a grande butthole of a city.

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He’s not an idiot. He’s a Rhodes scholar.

It’s a pretty depressing place. Roads are awful, lawns are not well kept. Houses are run down and paints falling off.

Easy meat, but still worth doing

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This is the only kind of New Green Deal worth backing. :sunglasses:


Magical thinking…

should also be in the Idiots thread

flooding occurred, because Midwest has had extremely severe cold weather and lots of snow this year. thus, the ground underneath the snow is frozen. so, when there the last snow melted, the ground could not soak up melted snow as ground was frozen. thus, severe flooding. gonna get worse, too, this spring.
but, idiots don’t think logically

[T]his election has to be about uniting Americans again, and common cause and common purpose. When I talk to folks in Iowa, I mean they’re right to be angry. Attacks on public education, attacks on labor. Here in this state, the loopholes to get around Davis-Bacon.

Wow, how pathetic. He calls for unity, common cause, and common purpose, and exactly one sentence later the only Iowans he thinks are angry are Democrat constituent groups like teacher and other unions, and those working on nonexistent public works projects there.

If these are the only open wounds Booker can bring himself to point out, then he’s wildly unfit to unite Americans.

What about the Iowans who are disgusted by identity politics? What about Iowans who are still outraged at Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings last fall? What about Iowans who are angry because of the knee-jerk attacks Booker and other Democrats made on the Covington kids? What about Iowans who are outraged by Democrat anti-white racism?

What about Iowans who are angry at the Democrat party for retreating from Iowa to coastal fringes on the West and East coasts? What about Iowans who are angry that Democrats don’t seem to realize they’re being led by the Democratic Socialists of America?

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If it weren’t for the caucus, he wouldn’t pretend to care about any of the Iowans. That’s what we call flyover country.

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“Here is the nut quote:”

In a shocker, I got all excited for nothing. Move along

The Dems’ plan to lose in 2020 is looking stronger and stronger than ever before. What great strategies they have. It’ll be textbook learning in the future. How to proactively lose.

I think slavery reparations is a great idea. My ancestors didn’t receive any compensation whatsoever when their slaves were set free by the Yankee government.


They’ve painted themselves into a corner. Now they’re looking for a clever way out.

Buying votes with other peoples’ money is a tried and true approach. It does, however, depend on the sanction of the victim. Something they once could take for granted, but nowadays… not so much.

Interesting story about Booker. I like reading articles in an incognito window, just saying.

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Can’t get behind this. I don’t see how this makes sense current day and how it would even work.

But I’m a big fan of this. Clear out our jails, it’s embarrassing to have 22% of the worlds prisoners. Especially those states that decriminalized weed and have people in for weed.

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