Cosplay in Taipei - when and where?

I caught that TV show last night (Fun Taiwan or whatever it’s called) and they reported about the cosplay somewhere in Taipei. Anyone know where and when this happens (I assume it’s a regular thing)?

There is a restaurant under that mall by Taipei Main train station. Also don’t they meet every Saturday at the University across where the game club is located?

The next giant anime/comics/cosplay thing is supposed to be 8/11-8/12 at 3rd floor of the domed NTU sports center
200nt entrance fee. 10:30-16:30

In Fun Taiwan, she was interviewing some kids who hang out at Hsimen Ding. It seemed like they were getting ready for some event held at NTU. I was not aware that it’s a regular thing in Taipei like it is on Harajuku Street in Japan. I guess I’ll poke around NTU sometime on a Saturday just for fun.

There are more and more places popping up that feature servers dressed in Cosplay style uniforms. The one at the subterranean City Mall north of Taipei Main Station, and it’s sister store somewhere on Keelung Road charge prices similar to those of Hooter. The dress length of the waitresses is shorter in the summer, so I’m told.

I think it was the other way around, i.e. Ximendingsda afterwards.

Anyhow, thanks for the responses. Might drop by on Saturday at NTU, myself dressed as a foreigner …

Are you going to wear your Swiss farmgirl outfit ?

I thought we agreed that you would.

That’s a weird one. I see these kids now and again at the Gongguan MRT station on a Saturday morning. Put on some bad fancy dress but for Christ’s sake DON’T SMILE! seems to be their mantra. Tinfoil swords also. Stupid kids.

Too be young again…

They’re at the NTU stadium quite often. Usually a few hotties.

I usually goto a theme cafes in Taipei, if I need to see some girls in costume. And there is no tipping involved :laughing:

Yeah - craptastic swords are loved by the otaku kids.

cosplay in taiwan pretty tame compared to these dudes eh? … re=related

Could be worse. At least Taipei doesn’t have a brony infestation.

I’ve gone several times in Kaohsiung. Usually it’s at MRT R7 (labor park and Costco I think) once a month. What I’ve noticed is that American/European cosplay is usually about superheroes and western comics while in Taiwan it focuses more on Japanese Anime. Ironically my motorcycle mechanic (nearly fluent in English) goes everytime and his tiny daughter (5ish) is also in costume.

All of my cosplay photos are here - … 726917176/

Yuki Nagato cosplay, Kaohsiung, Taiwan by abacus07, on Flickr

Cosplay, Kaohsiung, Taiwan by abacus07, on Flickr

Cosplay, Kaohsiung, Taiwan by abacus07, on Flickr

Cosplay, Tainan, Taiwan by abacus07, on Flickr

Those look pretty cool. Thanks.

Anyone have updated information on activities, events, and locations?

Replies were from 2 years ago, but FB groups are definitely a way to start looking…

There was a Star Wars cosplay themed activity recently in Taoyuan, with the Balloon Festival.