Cosplay Into The Taiwan Legislature, Lai Pin Yu

Lai Pin Yu, female cosplayer elected to Taiwan Legislative Yuan as DPP representative.

I could make some comments, but the article says so much. Not new news, but a good internationally sourced summary.


Yawn, I was expecting way better pictures. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Seems like tacky attention grabbing.

Her daddy seems like a really pro-green human rights champion----not… For those long term expats who remember, he was Vice Minister of the Council of Labour Affairs during the Thai Workers Riot back in the early 2000s.

Thai workers riot against `unfair’ firm - Taipei Times

officials threatened the workers who took a stand against the company with deportation. Lai Chin-lin (賴勁麟), vice chairman of Cabinet’s Council of Labor Affairs, said workers found guilty of starting the riot will be deported for violating law and order.

Personally i judge cosplayers as man / woman childs. So i wouldn’t expect her to do a good job.

I think it’s good to have someone in parliament that is not another stencil cut bench warmer #45778.

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I think people who can be honest about their interests are probably more honest in general.


Being honest is good but being grown up is better, and i think being honest goes along with being grown up, not a (wo)man child

Genuine question, why should one abandon their interests due to age?

Is it wrong that I play the games I loved as a child?

Is it wrong to indulge in an episode of Spongebob once in a while?

For me, being grown up is handling situations and making decisions in a mature manner, not about the interests of a person.

Same thing with a job, what should it matter what I do on my free time?

Not only that, cosplaying is an almost-exclusively adult activity.


Why would cosplay be a child only activity?

What’s makes it different than say fishing or cardboard wars?


It’s just my personal opinion. From my experience cosplayers are living in a fantasy land. I’m not a fan. i wouldn’t take them seriously, and i wouldn’t put that sort of deep escapism on the same level as games or cartoons.

You have made it clear you don’t like it, how can you know it’s a form of escapism? Sometimes it’s just something fun to do.

It’s also an art. And it’s exclusively an adult thing. If kids cosplayed…ohhh boy… the problems.

People’s side hobbies shouldn’t be the thing that detracts from their ability to do their day job.

The world would be a shitty place if I had to be ashamed of my hobbies. I encourage our politicians to be the people they are. Because they are representing us, the people.

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So actors of any kind should not hold political office?

What about playing dress up with your kids?

How about Halloween?

I think its a form of escapism because 90% of cosplayers look crap.

There are some pros who make a living off it sure, either due to good costumes or due to having huge breasts. I can buy those as art.

But the vast majority just look stupid. and its a big investment of time and money. I’ve been to the cons, its man child city.

Nothing wrong with it, we are free to indulge in our escapisms, but for a respectable position like politics and stuff ? grow up.

If politicians are on another level. Why should they be representing us, you know, normal people?

Should our politicians not have diverse interests and beliefs to cover the diversity of our populations?

Is she hurting anyone?


No, which is why the pictures are boring. :smile:


why do someone look crap, when they don’t make money from their hobbies?

Majority of people who enjoy their hobbies spend a big time and money just for fun.

Why do some look crap and actually go out in public? who knows. Its a mystery to me.

Well… That’s clearly a joke. It’s obviously supposed to be humourous.

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My guess is to have FUN, Just like as Adult I dressed for Halloween as a pirate with real beard (took me a week) just for fun, no other reason than that.

Or she wants fame and money? And it seems like it’s working

I agree with this, her plastic surgery would also support this theory.