Cost comparisons 2014 vs 1974

Bushiban wages in 2014 are 600nt/hour heading down to 500nt/hour??

I was told they were 450nt/hour back in 1974.

Some price comparisons between 1974 and 2014 (jog your memories and other peoples memories dudes and dudettes)

1974 vs 2014
Best train to Fulung from Taipei (ChuKwang ) 64nt? vs today?

Bento box on the train 25nt? vs 110nt ?

nt/ping apartment price dinghao area 30,000nt/ping ? vs 500,000nt/ping ?

Air ticket SungShan to Hualian 480nt ? vs circa 1600nt ?

Air ticket SungShan to Kaohsiung circa 710nt vs HSR circa 1500nt

Movie ticket , first run theatre circa 85nt vs 310nt ?

Decent steak dinner at a nice restaurant in Hsimenting circa 250nt vs 700nt ?

Keelung to Hualian ferry 200nt vs doesnt exist

3 bedroom apt rent in dinghao area circa 2500nt to 12,000nt vs 100,000nt ?

Coming to Taiwan at that time with 100 bucks in the pocket and teaching english for 450nt/hour is workable. The young ones today getting 500nt/hour aren’t going to be living quite as large. Visa restrictions were a lot less too.

Overall looks like things are NOT getting better. 100,000nt / month income is roughly same as 20,000nt/month income back then? YOu had better be rolling in dough to high tail it in Taipei now.


oH maybe we should bring it up two decades to 1994, since a lot of the peeps on this forum were probably not even ALIVE in 1974 !!

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Buxiban wages in 1974 were NT450? Lack of teachers at that time?

My first time on this island was 1987…my Global English wage was NT350.

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another oldie but goodie

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