Cost for landline call in Taiwan

Does anybody know what the per-minute cost is for making a landline call in Taiwan (landline to landline)? I phrase the question in a simple way like this because I heard that the cost is the same regardless of whether you’re calling your neighbor or someone in another part of Taiwan. Is this correct? Thank you.

Yes, this is a recent change.

In city calls were about 1nt a minute, not very much. I think its now this rate regardless of where in Taiwan you call, landline only obviously.

Okay, thanks for that. I know it’s low enough that I never have checked the bill. But I’m working on a volunteer project so I need to know. I’ll update when I find out the exact cost, unless someone here beats me to it!

Thank you! Man, that’s very reasonable (1.6 NT for three minutes, 1.6 NT for 5 mins., or 1.5 NT for 5 mins., depending on the plan). And 1NT for 10 mins from 2300 to 0800 hours. Great, thanks again!