Cost for replacement of crankshaft bearings

Hi all

My scooter (SYM RV 180) has been making some odd noises lately and it lead me to think the crankshaft bearings are dead or are going to need to be replaced pretty soon.
So far, I asked 3 different shops how much they’d charge for it, and didn’t get any answer. First 2 didn’t understand what the heck I was talking about; 3rd one said he “needs to ask” :eh:

With the crazy mileage I see on some scooters here, people must be changing those bearings at some point or another… Or they just run it until the whole thing dies…?
Anyone had this done before and knows how much I should be looking at?


Most likely 6-8k for just that bearing replaced. Might as well just rebuild the bottom end for 12k in my opinion. Not the easiest job. I had the same problem about a year ago. I knew the mechanic well. I help him buy parts on EBAY, so when I needed the same thing done on my scooter he charged me 5k. That was the friend rate and also a 125cc.