Cost of Dental Exam Without Health Insurance?

Hi guys,

I’ll be moving to Taiwan in the new year. However, since I won’t be working for a local employer, I won’t have health insurance.

I was wondering how much will a dental exam cost (including cleanings and cavities) in Taiwan if I don’t have local health insurance? It will cost approximately $100 here in Canada, so I’m deciding whether I should get my teeth checked before I come over.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I don’t know the exact cost but medical work is still fairly affordable without insurance. As a comparison it only costs about 10000NT for crowns (not covered by NHI). I had a colon xray before I had NHI and was only 3000ish for the consultation and the awful experience.

However if you have dentist that you like in Canada it wouldn’t hurt to see him one last time before moving. Dentists vary from exceptionally awful (everything looks okay) to fairly good here.

Some years ago I paid 1,000 NT$.
If you’re moving here, living here with your residence in Taiwan (with ARC), even working for a foreign employer you have to have National Health Insurance, no one is excluded. If you don’t you can get fined over it. You have to go to the health insurance office and they will figure out how much you have to pay.

Oh, and don’t forget to file taxes … even if you decide to just be here without an ARC and work permit longer than 90 days in a fiscal year.

Dental care in Taiwan in Taiwan without health insurance is probably a LOT cheaper then in the USA, even with health insurance.

I saw my dentist here in the bay area 3 times in the last six months for some deep cleaning work. Where they numb the gums and scrap out your teeth nice and clean.

The dentist charged over 2100 dollars for the three visits !! The dental insurance ponied up more then 50pct but left me with a bill for over 900 US dollars !

Just for three dental visits to clean the teeth. One visit for one lower quadrant, the other for the other lower quadrant and one visit for the upper teeth.

I doubt it would be anything like that in Taiwan for the same work.

I got a crown in Taiwan for 20,000nt (porcelain over gold). And could have had one in silver for 9000nt WITHOUT DENTAL INSURANCE.

I got one crown in the USA (porcelain over gold) and it cost me over 1000 dollars AFTER DENTAL INSURANCE.

Thanks for the information guys. Much appreciated!