Cost of living in Taiwan?


Good info. Thanks.

Besides housing, is there a difference in COL outside Taipei?


Not that I’ve particularly noticed. Public transport is cheap everywhere. Restaurants are probably a bit pricier in Taipei. I assume that car parking spaces will cost more if you can’t get one included in your apartment rent. Supermarket prices seem to be similar everywhere.


Anyone here on Forumosa live on budgets over NT$100,000? I do and I’m single.

I’m just kind of curious as to the makeup of the people that participate in Forumosa.


I probably burnt through about that when I was single. Different priorities now.


Yes, but the majority of that is on travel.


Yes, most months more than NT100,000. I am in Kaoshiung about 6 months of the year rest split between Melbounre/ San Diego and various other places related to work travel. We eat out a lot everywhere so that ads up for us. In Taiwan there are real cheap local cafes, then some that cost more that what I feel is better food in Melbourne. In Taiwan can be as low as NT$150 for two of us, but today a Sunday we had something better $2,000 lunch (for 3)+$2,000 at the supermarket.


You can live relatively cheap most places in Taiwan but Taipei is a little bit of an odd place.

You can spend 200 for two people at lunch or two thousand or more for two people at lunch.

You can rent a single apartment for maybe 12000 or less or 120000 or more.

And then some areas of Taipei have become gentrified so it’s impossible to live on a basic budget.


My budget will probably be over 100K for a family of 4.

But hey, when I was single in an expensive Asian city I spent $10K a month. That is USD.

Apartment 4K
Car 2.5K
Booze & bar 1.5K
And a bit on food.


I suppose Taipei has cheap places and nose bleed places for people with too much dough and no where to spend it.