Cost of neutering cat?

Searched the forum, couldn’t find an estimated price for a cat OR a male!

So, I’m moving from Korea with my husband and my cat. The cat has not been neutered because of the prohibitively high cost of neutering a pet in Korea.

How much (roughly) would a cat neuter run in Taiwan?

About 30 to 50 USD approximately, but if you live in Taipei City they give you a money back kickback to promote spay/neuter.

Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and not only bringing kitty with you but also being concerned about his/her health.

Awesome, thanks!

Unfortunately we’ll be living in Hsinchu, so no money back for us. Still, it’s less than we’d pay in the states, and FAR less than Korea!

It’s about NT$1,000 including post-op meds and an e-collar.

Oh, yes, if you have a cone of shame bring it, so you will save on buying a new one.

You will find that veterinary care here is very inexpensive compared to western countries. By the way, here’s a great group (I think they are in Xinzhu) who helps out animals. Look them up on facebook sometime and say hi to them when you arrive. It will good to make pet-friendly contacts here in TW as current information is sometimes hard to find. … 0631835151