Cost to advertise on Forumosa

I don’t know where else to ask this, but over a month ago I PMed some mods/admins asking the cost to put a little banner ad on Forumosa. They said they’d get back to me on that, but it’s been over a month and they have not gotten back to me.

Is there anyone else I can talk to about this?

No, there isn’t. Things are in a bit of flux right now with regards to ad sales. Maybe we’ll ramp up for it again in the near future

I’ve no idea if there are currently ads on Forumosa or not but you have a potential customer knocking on your door and now shouting through the letterbox after being ignored. If no one has any idea how to take his money perhaps give the guy free ad space until someone does, it’s not as if he’s some newbie just walked in the door.


Not my department :slight_smile:

Looking into it. Have been in contact with the OP.

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I did what I could! But I only can do what I can

Cool, there was someone else to talk to!