Costco Citibank Card Question

I have the US Costco Citibank card. They now do not charge a foreign transaction fee.

I read somewhere - can’t seem to find it - that you can get cash back from the cashier in Taiwan Costco using the Costco Citicard. Anyone know about this?

In the US you can get cash back from the cashier. You may have to use a debit card. Not sure. Never tried it.

But I just moved to Taiwan and don’t have much foreign currency with me. And it will takes a month or so to get an ARC, etc. So I assume I won’t be able to open a bank account and wire in money for a while.

My only experience with Taiwan banks was trying to exchange some USD. Hideous experience. Had to leave first bank as 30 minutes had passed and they still didn’t have a clue. Second bank was only 15 minutes. So I can just imagine how hard it will be to open an account as an American.

I use Citibank ATM to grab cash out using a Citi debit card. No foreign transaction fees… Non-Citibank ATM charge me 100 NTD but still no foreign transaction fees.

Thanks. I don’t have a Citibank account - just the stupid Costco credit card. In my experience Citibank kind of sucks.

Probably works the same. If you get money out of a credit card it will be a cash advance…So you would need to pay high interest rate on it. But better than no money haha…

I don’t think it will work in Taiwan. In Taiwan, the only credit card they accept at Costco is from Cathay Bank.

Give it a shot. I was able to use my Cathay Costco card in the US (to the cashier’s disbelief).

I dusted the Costco Citi card off. I will give it a shit when I arrive tomorrow - weather permitting.

Give it a fair shit.

Yes, Costco Citibank card works in Costco. And no foreign transaction fees and the exchange rate is the middle bank rate (best rate possible).

When I used it with ApplePay it showed the transaction completed but the clerk said it didn’t go through. So he put the card in the reader.

I tried my othe Citibank credit card but it wouldn’t work.

So you don’t have your ApplePay linked to your Costco Citicard, and that’s why it failed the handshake on Costco’s side. Right?

Did you verify that the charge didn’t go through on the card linked to your ApplePay?

I have the card in ApplePay. It works elsewhere - even 7/11. But at Costco it wouldn’t work through ApplePay. I have to give the card and tell them to put it into the reader.

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