Costco Thread 2019



It is my favorite area too. I am not allowed over there either along with my kid :stuck_out_tongue:
Mom’s rule.


Take that, patriarchy!


I get my protein at the organic store. Costco is for cheese, ham, guacamole.


With the amount of protein I eat, I need costco wholesale.

What organic store do you go to?


Cottonfields mostly, but there is a new one in the hood that also carries organic beef. Tianho ocassionally, mostly for lunch.


Has anyone seen Costco’s chocolate gnache cake at any of the locations recently?

Beitou did recently.

Beitou is usually quite relaxing early on a weekday.


I’ve actually found Friday evenings around 5~7pm a good time to go to XiZhi, not too many people and most seem to be there to buy things and not just to block up the aisles.


Looks like I need to switch to Friday night grocery shopping.


Costco Hsinchu has got an area set aside upstairs for massaging recliners. Just in time for CNY.

I went early this morning and it was astonishingly bereft of nappers. There were some crumbles about - probably bits of Losartan - and some samples of savory, sticky rice on little paper plates strewn about on the floor nearby and that showed signs of being well gummed.

Anyway, I may head back later this evening as I wouldn’t want to miss what is sure to be a napping frenzy up there.


Anyone know if Costco sells Red Bull?

I checked at Guandu Costco and did not see anything.


Yes, upstairs and stacked against the back wall. By the case. Not the sugar-free stuff, though, just the regular. Also cases of Monster (green variety).


Sounds like you’re a regular customer of Costco Red Bulls (or Monsters)



Honestly, I’m so spoiled in US and UK where everything ‘diet’ or sugar free is available. In Taiwan, nada.

The only softdrinks I see them selling that is ‘diet’ or sugar free is Coke Zero.


What about beer?


Thankfully. We got plenty of poison but not those yet.


Sold out at Costco, because 27 pounds (12.25 kilos) of any cheesy food with “a 20-year shelf life” must be good.


Has anyone seen this at Costco here?


Don’t give them ideas…


Don’t forget to grab a plate so you can grab a mountain of onion to bring home.
Whoops didn’t notice bojack already said that.


Went to the Neihu Costco twice in the last week. While there’s a ton of people inside, the wait for check out was very fast - less than 5 minutes.