Costco Thread 2019



Thats what I like about Costco here. They are actually quick in checking people out.



Once again, Costco is a good guy and closes one whole day.


What??? Where are we going to let the kids go crazy on that day?


So, I just discovered that Costco ships to your home for a very minor surcharge. They say the shipping doesn’t cost extra but the prices online are slightly higher than in store (2% - 5% higher).

I was so silly to be taking taxis back from Costco! From now on, I’m going to purchase everything I can carry in person and order the bulkier items online!


Would going to Costco tonight be considered suicidal or would it be still OKish? Neihu, I mean, I can ask my boss for a lift.


Is anybody else aware of people re-selling costco items on


Yahoo too.


Yeah been going on for ages…definitely 10+ years on yahoo for sure.


I’d think it would be ok. Google does estimates on each day of the week for when it is busy but not for holidays or days before holidays.

I wish Costco would give estimates like that on their website for each location. They definitely have the metrics for that using last year’s statistics.

Obviously if you are willing to go past 8:30pm you’re never really risking “Crowd Crush” :joy:


Excellent idea! It’s getting warmer, so BBQ season is just around the corner. Time to load up on steaks and beer.


I already prepared my steaks - date about to expire. Lost of Montreal rub, secret ingredient central American sauce… and garlic salt. Those will be devoured with tortillas, efried beans, a nw kind of “powdered cheese” and some pico de gallo if I can find lemons anywhere.

Don´t drink beer but for those who do, cheers.


Costco has bags of Sunkist lemons.


I never go to Costco but I still feel a need to read about it.


I reccomend going Saturday at noon.


Yeah, for 60 over the price plus shipping. Worth it if you don’t need much.


That’s a great time to pick up a few pizzas and some of the sweet Mexican youtiao.



I bought smething online.

Feb 14.

The item is in process.

Until I called Feb 27.

Then told me that they did not understand my english address.

Jeez. How difficult is it to translate an English address? And how difficult for them to call the minute they see my order and need to clarify things? #fml


They don’t need to understand english address. They just need to mail it. The post office will deliver with english address.


No idea.

I assume whoever is processing wants or needs to write address don’t know English or perhaps they themselves deliver it since there is no delivery fee.


I prefer Taiwan made.