Costco Thread 2019



Try the one in Xinzhuang. It’s the best Costco in the whole Republic of China.


Has anyone bought furniture, especially sofas, from Costco? Website prices are quite attractive.

I am not familiar with the brand.


Buying a sofa without trying it first? :no_no:


I would advise avoiding buying a fabric sofa. In this humid climate = mold, mold, mold!


@RickRoll I know, but it is Costco. I have tried other models, though.

@SuiGeneris For what it is going to last, mold will have no time to grow…

TBH, fabric is much more confortable and lasts a bit longer around pets.They simply shred the leather, false or real.

I wanted to try the plastic stuff but the plastic fuirniture is not on until summer and then who knows if they will bring this particular model.


There is a reason older generations stick with solid lacquered wood furniture.
I used to hate it until I finally got why.


Well I used to have bamboo ones. Difficult to nap in one.


Bought a leather recliner from Costco just a couple weeks ago. Was on sale and marked down by NT2k. Delivery service was great. Two guys brought it up, removed it from its box, moved our furniture to make room for it, and fiddled with it to make sure it worked properly (it plugs into a wall outlet) before requiring a signature. They then took the box away.

The recliner seems nice so far; the manufacturer is a company located in North Carolina, USA, in the Piedmonts where furniture has been made for decades. The reasons we bought at Costco were one, value and two, Costco’s return policy, which can’t be beat.


It’s a marketing ploy for sure. Have tasting stalls to bring people in and rake in the membership dues. They sure know how to run a business.


Brand new those are 25 to 45K. I have seen 2nd hand down to 15k.


Now, the question is why is Costco a family affair? Air comditioning? Free food? Cheap outing? All of the above?


Man I’m so spoiled… Costco is only down the street from my house.


Hate your guts. I have access by bus to both Zhonghe and Xizhi, takes about half an hour average, but it´s door to door.

Problem is I am trying to reign in expenses, so less Costco trips. What I save in cheese I spend in…whatever is not tied down.

The people from Costco were here at the office a few says ago, hustling for members. They had plates of samples to share, mostly mufins and cookies and such.


In other news this looks interesting. From Costco`s magazine:


I think I most thankful for the decent boxer shorts and dress socks I bought at Costco over the years. Especially the boxer shorts. The local ones ALWAYS have something wrong (at least one of sewed up fly portion, too small around the legs, funky design, uncomfortable, too short).


Haven’t seen the honeycomb, but the one in the blue and butter box is vanilla. It’s not half bad, and the box is only nt$179.

Gonna have to check out the honeycomb.


I have a fabric recliner that is almost 1 year old and has no mold at all.
I do keep a dehumidifier in the room and I every 4-5 months I use a material care spray on the sofa.


I guess because you can find everything for the family that you couldn’t find else where. Like cheap and good quality clothing, outdoor products, many nice cosmetics, good toys, all in the same store. If you want to shop for those you will need to spend much longer in other places. I see most families don’t even shop for food there.


What is their return policy?


You can return most dry goods after any length of time, for a full refund. Exceptions include some electronics and large appliances like fridges, freezers, etc.