Costco Thread 2019


The truth is, it’s Asian culture.


Do you have an extra room for rent?

I have not been to Costco for awhile since I was lazy to travel to Costco. :frowning:


yea, if you don’t mind the noise (it’s an industrial area) and the fact that I may be sawing wood or milling metal pieces…

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Looks like Costco missed St. Paddy’s day, but better late than never. :happyrunningaround:

I just picked up a bottle, and I know nothing about it yet (haven’t opened it in fact), other than that’s a helluva good price.

ETA: I did find this review from Wine Enthusiast, but I probably won’t break the seal on mine until this weekend at the soonest.


Oh wow. That’s a lot of booze. Really hard to find Irish Whiskey in Taiwan. Triple distilled. Not peaty. So nice.

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Thanks for the info! I’ll see if I can get a case or two.

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Has anyone gotten the hash brown from Costco?

There are serious quality issue with those. I don’t know how they were made but as soon as you toss it in the fryer it breaks up and is hard, if not impossible to get out of the fryer.

The ones from Carrefour doesn’t do that.


Do bring them back. Costco is quite open to feedback.


I don’t know, it’s been like 3 weeks and I since lost the receipt… will they still honor it?


Yes. They keep record of all your purchases.

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How much does membership cost?


I think 1390?




Mountain Dew at the fountain


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You can try to get it with their credit card too. It was the easiest credit card I got in this island


A lot of businesses have accounts and if your boss is cool he/she might let you sign up under the company, which is $900.


I also appreciate Costco’s dress socks and boxer briefs.

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Also the Kirkland Signature white cotton tees. Pretty good deal.


Not sure how long it’s been on offer at Costco, but saw Almond Joy and York Peppermint Patties in an assorted bag today.

Friggin expensive though.