Costco Thread 2020

I thought it would be fitting - and my great honor - to post what will invariably become the most useful thread of 2020.

I don’t have any pictures to start it off with, but I will offer up my suggestions from nearly a year of shopping at it’s Taiwanese incarnations, in case some decision maker at Costco Taiwan has the presence of mind to use the Google comes across this.

  • Bring back Koign-Amann in particular and other buttery sugary pastries like it!

  • Pumpkin pie season begins late October and ends after Christmas. Please take urgent note and do not add insult to cultural appropriation.

  • Order more egg nog next year.

Signed, a concerned (non resident alien) and Costco aficionado.


The parking charges at Xizhi are quite a success. Got rid of a lot of freeloaders and non-customers. We don’t go to Neihu’s anymore due to the crowds. Have they got the system working there yet? Any effect?


I don’t feel like there’s an issue with free loaders at the Neihu Costco. There’s so many parking in that area that it wouldn’t make much sense for people to park in Costco and walk next door to Leeco to shop…right?

But how else would you get your onions?

Y’all, if you want the best towels, right now they have some made in Japan ones that are simply awesome. But pricey at 700 NTD more or less and color might not be that pleasant but trust me, you’ll be dried up in 10 seconds and that’s what it’s all about.


Egg nog next year. Bunch of wankers.

Egg noggers! :popcorn:

I’ve been to Costco branches from north to south. My vote for the best Costco in Taiwan is…


Lots of parking, two large floors, crowded on weekends but not too bad otherwise.

Neihu’s blows
Zhonghe’s is a traffic nightmare
Taichung’s is rude and small
Kaohsiung’s near Dream Mall is a bizarre trip into the past

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Danshui’s is the best. Since the rest of the suckers are at Neihu and Zhonghe, I can shop at peace in the Danshui/Guandu Costco.


I’ve never been to that one. I left Beitou before it was built. I’m guessing it’s a good one, based on my in-law’s reviews.

Hmmm, maybe second place to Tainan, then.

I like the Beitou one. Easy to get to, nice open layout, not crowded on weekdays. But they don’t have as good beer as Kaohsiung or, I have been told, Neihu


Hmm, the beer selection at Tainan has been good, but the Kirkland craft beers have been suspiciously missing as of late.

Possible point for Beitou…

Beitou gets no beer points unless you like Bud, Corona, or Taipi

Crap beer selection?

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The Kirkland beers come and go from the Beitou Costco. I assume it’s the same elsewhere.

The Beitou one is easy walking distance from an MRT station, which is a major advantage over other branches.


For me, in Xindian, Zhonghe Costco is a bus ride away, door to door. Someone else has to deal with traffic.

And having done that same commute for two years every day when I worked in the area, I can say it has actually improved!

The new MRT station will be a bit far but nothing you can’t handle with a shopping cart. No, I do not mean a Costco shopping cart.

However, Zhonghe is discriminated and the selection is lacking, especially when it comes to foreign stuff.

In Kaohsiung Costco, we have

So what do I win? :sunglasses:

I find the traffic to ZhongHe OK, parking there is also a breeze since they introducing parking controls. Neihu is always a nightmare, don’t bother anymore. Mostly go to XiZhi as it’s just off the freeway and not too crowded weekdays. Have had a couple of nightmare trips trying to get to Beitou where, if you approach from the “wrong” side, the GPS map (both Garmin and Google) try to send you down dead ends and the car park exit instead of the entrance, if you approach from the “correct” side it’s a breeze. Nice parking and a nice new store. Taoyuan is actually OK too, often visit after an airport run.

You win a six-pack of West Coast IPA, I guess?

And our jealousy. That too.

On driving to Beitou: I’ve been a passenger in a car heading there a couple of times. And yup, despite knowing exactly where the store is, I had no idea how to get to the parking lot.

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