Costco Thread 2022

There were barriers up on either side of the sidewalk (with a narrow enough gap that I could barely get my skinny body + empty Costco bag through) and a Costco employee standing there holding a sign that said “no parking, tow away zone”. What I hate about this move though is that the sidewalk was hardly maneuverable to anyone that isn’t small and able-bodied anyway, as anyone with small children or pushing a stroller or wheelchair wouldn’t have been able to get in through the tiny crack. There’s gotta be a better way to enforce this. Maybe just start with constantly towing everyone’s scooter and car until they get the message??


Every store experience in Taiwan summed up lmao.

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I need some arms and hammer cat litter. I been to 2 Costco and I can’t find it. Is there a global shortage?

They were saying on the FB group that kitty litter is a casualty of the global supply chain crisis.

Are Costcos usually busy Friday like they are Saturday? :frowning:

Usually no.

Note that in Google Maps you can often see how busy stores or restaurants typically are for different days and times. For the Guandu/Beitou Costco, it gives me these two graphs:

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If anyone sees any supply of the Hardy’s Cabernet Savignon 5 liter boxed wine in any of the northern Taiwan Costco stores and could give a quick post here I’d appreciate it very much.

Down to my last unopened box and LNY is fast approaching.

guandu had them last sunday, quite a few of them left.


The Beitou store? Thanks izzy.

If anybody else spots any please post. Haven’t seen any at the Zhonghe store, my regular, in well over a month or two.

yes, the beitou store. you can call them and ask if they still have, they can also tell you which store has and how many are in stock.

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Really? I remember having this problem a few years ago and trying to get through to Costco on the phone (nevermind in English) was like, impossible. I had some students who worked at Costco and I asked them to check on some items and even then it took, like a week. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion and if I can’t locate any I may try it.

yes, it works, and if you have their item system number (you can get it from an old receipt if you still have it) it’s even faster. I used to do it to locate which store has cheese and sour cream.

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How many of you guys use the Costo website shopping? What do you think of the delivery?

I’ve used it a couple of times. It can take 2 days usually. The prices tend to be slightly higher than you’d pay in store, but there’s no delivery fee I think.


Very fast. Two or three days. I’ve only ordered twice but both times were good.

Main issue is there may be inconveniently huge minimum orders - but if you wait, the minimum order may change. I think it was maple syrup that I wanted, but I needed to order six bottles; I waited a couple of days, and it had dropped to “just” two.

Plus some stuff won’t be there.

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Yeah a lot of things you have to order 2 minimum.

The difference seemed quite big to me for the few things I checked (maybe 10-15%?). So I guess that’s just a delivery fee by another name. (Plus I’d have a hard time spending 10k in one go, especially when fresh meat (and alcohol?) is excluded.)

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10K? I’ve made lots of orders under 1000 NT even.

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Really? Where am I getting 10k from then? I thought that was the minimum online order, or the minimum online order for free delivery or something like that? Plus I thought you needed a Costco/Cathay credit card, which I don’t have anyway…

I’m not sure. Could that be the in-store free delivery threshold?

Not sure if you have to use their card.

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