Costco Thread 2022

ha, indeed

Is this the start of a culinary pissing contest?

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It could be! And perhaps a different kind of contest too :slight_smile:

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At my local, there’s no one really there to talk to customers. I had to wave and flag someone over. Also, you put the form in the slot after filling it out. There was no other paper. I gave them my name and membership number and it still took a while to find it.

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Is this the Kirkland branded fillets or the local ones I had in the picture?

Local ones.

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Weird, I remember we had a copy of our order.
But the membership number should work too. I can’t recall the details as the wife handled it.
As for flagging someone, yeah, sometimes they are at the back of the bakery and won’t come unless you call them.
It shouldn’t be a painful process though.

BTW, how was the cake? Do you have pics to share?

Tried the new, Kirkland brand guacamole cups at Costco, and found them noticably better than the old ones. Not as good as making it fresh, naturally, but good enough for a repeat purchase from me, unlike the old ones.


I liked the Arla cream cheese without added stabilizers (palm oil I guess). I hope they keep getting it.

Plus a much more convenient portion size for one.

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Got a pizza at Zhonghe Costco last month. Plain cheese pizza. When I opened it I noticed they cut it in to 6 large slices instead of the usual small 12. I thought this was probably a one-off from a new inexperienced kitchen employee.

But I got another pizza this week at the same store and once again got the 6 large cut. I don’t particularly like this 6 slice method as two of those large slices is more than I usually want to eat. Anyone noticed this elsewhere?

Only Costco but you can tell them to cut it into 12. The most annoying thing is they normally don’t cut it completely.


There are at least two very easy solutions to this problem if you’ve overlooked them…

(i) Only eat one slice.
(ii) Do you own a knife?


I was going to suggest training yourself to eat more but your two suggestions do make sense.


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Actually, I have always found that to be the case too. It often looks as if it has been hacked apart by a blind woodsman, to use a phrase from the Simpsons.

Droll Andy, droll. Why didn’t I thunk a that? I buy whole pizzas to use as frozen pizza and put them into large plastic storage bags at the store so I can transport them on my scooter. I find the smaller slices the optimal size and I don’t really need the additional job of opening the bags and cutting them up further when I get home rather than just chucking the whole things in the freezer. I was actually just curious if anyone else was seeing this at other stores as a new Costco pizza cutting method or if it was an anomaly.

I actually got one today. It was cut into smaller slices without me requesting it but they didn’t cut all the way through so I had to cut it again when I got home.

It’s official, Cathay Costco cards will be converted to Cube cards by Aug 2023


We got one a few days ago. Really good. But they’re huge, especially considering how filling even a small piece is. Anyway, it’s good to enjoy this treat around this time of the year every year.


Oh, I got a text message about that earlier today, and around the same time there was a call that hung up on me after I answered in English. I assumed both were some kind of scam, but maybe not!