Costco Thread 2023

They’re 2 pack but the packaging has the two tubs inside a single cardboard box.

Yeah, I got that from the “1.89公升 X 2入” and the “TWO 1.89 LITRE CARTONS” in the link posted above, and the product photo of a cardboard box containing two cartons. What’s your point? :thinking:

Just from tasting them without checking the ingredients, I think Mackie’s is a bit sweeter while the Kirkland product has a higher cream content.

Supposedly the Kirkland stuff is made by Humboldt Creamery.

I overdid it again last night. Hit the bowl of ice cream hard and paid the price for the next few hours

I’m genuinely curious what price needed to be paid. I have a serious sweet tooth and can eat tons of chocolate or ice cream without experiencing anything negative.

Regarding Costco ice cream, I’ll buy some this weekend. I usually buy ice cream at 7-11 and Family Mart but I could use a change of taste. There are some good recommendations in this thread.

Kirkland vainilla ice cream with Baileys is good too.