Costco Thread 2024

I saw on reddit. They changed the formula, but everyone say is the same shit just super expensive.

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Still no cheese flavour, I guess? I miss that.

The Kirkland extra-virgin olive oil also had a big jump: in January I bought a bottle in the shop for 499; online it’s now $819, although that’d be a touch cheaper in the store.

On the plus side, I finally bought their whole-grain & seed sandwich bread the other week. It’s good! I had no idea! I gave up on buying sandwich bread in Taiwan long, long ago, and it hadn’t even occurred to me to try Costco for this. I feel dumb for missing out for so long.

Now that I’ve discovered it, I assume they’ll stop selling it in a couple of months.


I can confirm. Just checked my receipt from yesterday. Indeed NT$259.

Funny, I didn’t even notice the increase. I don’t buy them very often but they had sesame bagels at Zhonghe yesterday and I can’t remember them ever having that before or, if they did, a long time ago.

I did notice that Cavendish hash brown are now NT$145. I can remember when when were under NT$100 not so very long ago, maybe a couple of years ago.

I know exactly what you mean! :wall:

On the bright side, mini pizzas have returned to the freezer section. NT$245, don’t remember what they were before.

Perhaps this brings a ray of hope that cheese pizzas may one fine day return at the food bar. :pray:

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I think they already have, no? They’re just not listed on the boards IIRC.

I’ve never bought Costco pizza and likely never will, but I think there’s some discussion upthread.


I believe I saw on Twitter that you can order a cheese pizza, even though they’re not listed.

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Yeah, I remember seeing a few posts on Facebook about it and at least one or two here. I don’t personally see the attraction of Costco pizza, but hey. :man_shrugging:

What? You don’t like mushy dough and an avalanche of greasy cheese and cheap pepperoni? :pizza:

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How did you guess? :whistle:

If true I was unaware. I’ve just been going by what’s on the signs and to date it’s just two pizza monstrosities.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll ask next time I go. Unfortunately I just did a rather extra large haul yesterday so probably not be back for a while.

Yeah, I get it that some people don’t hold Costco pizza in high regard. However, I do like it for buying a large plain cheese and popping it in the freezer to use as frozen pizza. It’s an easy meal for nights when you come home late and tired. Chop up some veggies, cherry tomatoes, and spices roast them for 20 minutes and throw it on top of a couple of the slices. And, to me, it is reminiscent of NYC slice shop pizza. The only two things I can’t get or replicate in Taiwan is NYC pizza and bagels. And at NT$300 for an 18" pie it’s hard to beat the price.

And, say what you will about Costco pizza, it is still a far cry better than Domino’s or Pizza Hut, which was about the only possible pizza option available for the first few years I was in Taiwan.


I have special ordered a cheese pizza. It’s possible.

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There’s some kind of massive olive oil shortage at the moment. I heard someone say it was engineered by speculators or something.

Seems simpler than that

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Yeah, as said by @tempogain olive oil is getting way out of line. From the US site-

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Yeah, I also noticed that in passing the last time I was in the store a few weeks ago — the price had jumped up from NT$4xx (reasonable) to NT$7xx (more than I’m willing to pay).

I wasn’t looking for olive oil so I didn’t pay much attention, but it was so much of a difference that I wasn’t sure at the time whether I’d just misremembered which bottle I’d previously bought for a reasonable price.



So in the end I gave it a shot , and tastes exactly the same :sweat_smile: can’t justify such a huge price jump , so it’s a big no for me .

Tried Kit Kat ice cream , meh .

Tried Kit Kat cereal , not bad, good value . 3x330g for 369. One bag in city super costs 319nt lol

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but regarding the Costco credit card, does anyone know if Fubon bank app has an English setting ?

Nope! The website is in some kind of English though, and the app at least allows screenshots for using Google Translate.


Because I’m not a selfish git like @BigDave, something of a PSA. I just saw Churchill’s has opened a new shop in Tianmu, with 3 for 2 sausages: :partying_face:

(Yes, it’s not Costco-related, sorry.)


Is this pizza good?

Yes, just a bit small for one person.


Thanks for this suggestion! I was skeptical before, but I finally got around to trying it just now and it worked great.

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