Costom Bicycle baskets (Metal)

Want to carry my dog on my bike. Want to have a big basket on it to carry her. Does anyone know a metal worker or someone that could do this? Preferably in Taipei.

If your chinese and you drawing skills are OK then you could probably find some kind of machinist that could do a bit of welding and metal working in order to get what you want. I’ve seen a few people carry their pets in tail mounted baskets that do the trick.

Can’t help you with specifics, really. But it can be done.

If people can build and drive around with braces that support big propane tanks on motorcycles, then you don’t have much of aproblem.

You might go and visit Mr. Zhang who lives next door to Taipei Hostel at the end of Lane 5, Section 1, Linsen North Road, near the filling station. He knows a thing or two about metalwork and owns some metalworking equipment. He built his own house, and also added rather unusual extensions to his own bicycle. You can’t miss his house - it has a PRC flag and a KMT party flag flying on poles outside. Mr. Zhang speaks English and it a very friendly old chap. Not so friendly are his dogs - one of them bit me once.

Mr. Zhang lives where the star is on the map.

(I am assuming Mr. Zhang is still there. He is quite elderly and it is quite some time since I last saw him.)

I once carried my dog all the way from Shuanglian to Xindian in a plastic laundry basket attached to my luggage carrier. The baskets are good because they are high-sided and just the right shape for a small-to-medium sized dog to sit inside, but they are a bit floppy, and fixing them firmly to the carrier and seat post is tricky.

You may want to wait until 8-11 March. The Bike Show will be at the Conference Center next to 101. This is still my first year in Taiwan so I have no idea what the show is like. If anyone has been to the expo can they say what its like. Can yo buy things or just look for example.

Get some of these. It should do the trick.

I have attended the bicycle exhibition several times, since I used to edit an annual directory of Taiwanese bicycle exports. (I worked on 5 or 6 annual editions before [url= illegally sacked me[/url].) Sad to say most of the manufacturers have absolutely no interest in the home market. For instance, there is a company called Fran Wheel/Vantly that makes bicycle trailers. They manufacture 100% for export. I approached them a couple of times with some suggestions as to how to modify the trailers e.g. making the wheels quick-release, but they showed little interest in my opinions because I was not a buyer.

I had to go to Oxford, England to buy mudflaps and a “spacer” (reflective arm intended to make discourage cars from coming too close) that turned out to be “made in Taiwan!” Taiwanese companies also make standards-compliant reflectors and dynamos, but I have never seen them on sale here!

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Get some of these. It should do the trick.[/quote]
I tried staps like that but they had too much “give”. Those tough rubber straps that gas cannister delivery men use would be better.

A trailer would be a better, though more costly, option. I guess they might be on sale somewhere - Taizhong or Zhanghua, maybe?

She does have that feet-out “out-rigger” thing down…