Costs of owning car in Taiwan

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Im new to this forum so welcome everyone.

Thinking of moving to Taiwan with my wife. To Kaohsiung exactly. Got so many questions about this beautiful country.

First one is what are the costs of owning the car there?
For example Mitsubishi Galant 98 year, 2.0 worth around 80,000ntd. Insurance, registration costs etc? Ive heard there is a fuel tax per year?
Also will I be able to buy a car there and drive it while Im citizen of Poland? Can I do it with 90 days visa only?

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No, you can’t buy a car if you are only here on a 90 day visa. You need an ARC. AFAIK there is no legal way around this requirement.

My insurance, registration and fuel tax are a combined 18,000-20,000 NT/yr. that’s pretty cheap. Parking in Kaohsiung will probably be 1000-1500NT/mo.

Is it hard to get ARC? I have got internet company and want to live in Taiwan only to spend money there so should be pretty easy for me right?

So 18K-20K NT per year total?

Is your wife Taiwanese? Then it is very for you to get an ARC which will give you residency and working rights.

My wife is polish as I am. We will be moving there together. Thing is they shouldnt do a problem to get ARC for me since only thing I will be doing is spending money there. Am I right?

I don’t understand what spending money has to do with getting an ARC?

  1. You need an ARC to buy a Car.
  2. How to get an ARC? Get a job that sponsors an ARC.
  3. OR, you can “spend” money by investing a large amount of money (I’m not very clear on that, other posters know about that)

Is your internet company in Taiwan?

Im trading virtual items in online games, I have got LLC company in USA Delaware, my website is on UK servers. I wont be moving to Taiwan to work in real. I will be working via internet only. Would it be hard to get ARC in this case?

Since you won’t be working for a local company, and aren’t married to a Taiwanese, the only other options I see for you are:

  1. Register your own company in Taiwan (not worth it if you don’t have any local business in Taiwan)
  2. Register as a student a university language school (costs around $25 000 NT / 3 months). Requires attendance of 15 hours / week to learn Chinese.
  3. Leave Taiwan and return every 60 days (you’ll need to check the length of visitor visa that Polish citizens get for Taiwan).

Its 90days free visa, but I wont be able to registered a car myself then.

So they never give ACR to someone who hadnt done points Youve just said? I mean its only a profit for them that I will be living there and spending money there.

Oh yeah i also went to USA for 5 days only to spend money on a short vacation…damn why they didn’t give me the green card!!!

Thanks for Your post, really helped.

You should call the closest Taiwanese office in your country. Tell them you need a resident visa; because you just want to live in Taiwan and spend your money there.

They will probably be so happy and help you with whatever paperwork has to be done to get you on your way to spend your cash here as fast as possible.

If you’ve got the equivalent of approximately $200,000US deposited in a Taiwanese financial institution, they’ll give you an APRC.

Wow, thanks for that. Need to find a way to know something about companies registered in USA. If this company can rent a flat or buy a car there.

Oh yeah i also went to USA for 5 days only to spend money on a short vacation…damn why they didn’t give me the green card!!![/quote]

Been there and done that.

Is anyone here who can help me out? I need info about students acr (how to get it and all). About foreign companies in Taiwan (LLC company registered in USA), how to buy a car with this company and how to rent a flat.
Also information how can I start living in Taiwan. Go to the hotel first and then look for a flat? Where to look for it?

I can pay for this info through Paypal.