Costs of shipping a car or bike to TW from overseas?

Does anyone know how much it costs, or what it would entail to ship a car from overseas?

I have an 03 Hyundai Elantra, which should still be pretty mint, paid off in america, and it seems I’ll never get around to going back there, especially considering how the economy is in a free fall.

And if that’s ridiculously anti cost effective, how about getting some real motorcycle (>400 c.c.) and then shipping it here. The REAL bikes are still very rare and expensive here, while they’re common and far cheaper in the states.

I hope this isn’t a repeated question. I looked around and couldn’t find anything.



The shipping costs will be negligible compared to the import taxes you would have to pay.

We looked into shipping a used car here from San Francisco. The shipping charge was going to be about US$1500. The import tax was going to be US$5000.

Taiwan protects it’s local manufacturers. Big bikes and cars that aren’t built here are expensive because of the taxes. Bringing your own won’t exempt you from the tax.

You should contact an experienced shipping company for specifics.

I were you, I’d sell the car and use the money to buy something similar here.

BTW, what’s the 2nd-hand value of an 03 Elantra in the States?