Cotton "paper"?

There is a very fancy kind of paper, made of cotton fibers, really soft and pretty. I remember buying it in supermarkets in the States, but I cannot find it here in the stationery stores. Can someone suggest a place to look for it or has anyone seen something like it somewhere?

We need to print some “certificates” and I was thinking that kind of paper would be fabulous.

By the way, I also went to the art store near Taipei Main Station.

Did you try the paper museum on Changan East Road?
Address: No 68, Sec. 2, Changan E.Road, Taipei,Taiwan
Telephone: 886-2-2507-5539
Fax: 886-2-2506-5194

You could also call the Ba da (not Bade! stupid word censor! :fume: ) Art Supply store to see if they have it;
EDIT: Bada has moved as of Sept. 2009; the new address, below, is about two alleys south of Grandma Nitti’s, and one alley to the east (Long2quan2), right next to a small park, on a corner.

台北市龍泉街87巷6號 Long2quan2 St., (one alley east of and parallel to Shi1da4 Rd.), Lane 87, #6. 2363-9307.

Just bleach your USD and reuse.



Well they’ll soon be god for nothing anyway. Perhaps I’m slightly ahead of the curve though.

cotton paper? As I remember , most of stationary shops on the street have them to sell, cos sometimes students use cotton paper to draw or do art in the class.
Cotton paper is very easy to find.