Could I get Deported?

I was just wed here in Taiwan, and would like to teach English Privately One on One. Is this a legal way to earn income in Taiwan.

What type of Visa will I need now to stay in Taiwan with my wife to teach English as a private tutor? and What is the best way to avoid getting deported., since I am married now and getting deported for teaching illegally would be an absolute disaster, which I would like to avoid at all cost. Thankyou,


First of all congrats with your wedding.

So now you have to apply for a resident visa and ARC, you’ll also get a re-entry permit stamped in your passport.

To get you ARC you need to get several documents from home and go to an appointed hospital to have e medical.

It sounds difficult but if it’s done right it takes no more than a month probably. Possibly even faster.

As a spouse of a Taiwanese you have the right to work, but you need the resident visa and ARC, you can not work a guess on a visitor visa eventhough you’re married.

Just search forumosa and you’ll find all the answers you need.