Could I pass TOCFL level 2 without learning to write?

I would like to take the TOCFL level 2 examination, to get proof of my Chinese ability. As far as speaking and listening go, I would pass quite easily, but reading and writing is where I would fall short. I feel that I can probably boost my reading to a level good enough for the exam, but learning to write is something I have very little interest in. I know with the HSK exam, it is possible to pass without writing as long as you get a good enough score on the other parts of the exam, is this possible with the TOCFL? I saw someone else’s certificate and it just said they passed, and didn’t show their score so if I could pass this way, nobody would even know I can’t write very well, which would be great.

Are you talking about writing by hand or just “writing” (aka typing)?

I can’t write well by hand, I can type just fine with a pinyin keyboard.

But isn’t the TOCFL done entirely with computers now?

Meaning, as long as you know either pinyin or zhuyin, you can “write” whatever you know.


I didn’t know that. If its done entirely on computers does anyone know if they have Pinyin input enabled?

They do. It may not be the same pinyin input system you’re used to, so you won’t necessarily see the same characters first that you normally see. Also iirc at some point in the process they ask you if you want pinyin or zhuyin.