Could I study Chinese on a 90-day visa exempt entry?

I am considering signing up for a 2 or 3 month course to study Chinese over the summer. Could I do this on a 90-day visa exempt entry (for British citizens) from the point of view of:

  1. immigration - can you be a student on visa-exempt entry?
  2. the school/university/wherever. I suppose they are rather used to having students with visas (and I suppose medicals etc).


They don’t care what visa you have. They will give you docs to get a student visa, but they don’t concern themselves with your visa status. I had a working visa and later, a succession of 60 day tourist visas when I studied at Shida. You have to come in on a visitor visa and change it when it expires, anyway, unless there’s been a rule change.

Depending on the school, you may have to have a health check for admittance. Shida required a health check form. Although it’s a few years ago now, I can’t see them having changed that rule, though somebody else may know different. Can’t believe I actually agreed to have my piss tested to sit in on those stupid classes!

Yeah, some schools require you to get a health check and others don’t.

THe school I’m going to this summer required it last year. This year they don’t.