Could someone explain this to me please?

WTF is this all about?

News report: … 29676.html

Summary: Pan (douchebag) overheard a conversation between Luo (victim) and his friends and thought they were insulting him, so like any reasonable sleazy drunk unworthy of the clothes on his back would do, he got a baseball bat and escalated things. Now he hopes that Luo will reach a settlement instead of pressing charges. What a useless excuse for a human being.

Pan is being charged with assault and probably would be charged with assholery if such a crime existed – and it should. He said he is willing to apologize and offer monetary compensation in exchange for dropping charges. What a tool.

The article does not comment on the condition of the student who was needlessly hit over the head – repeatedly – by a drunk idiot and his lame friends and restaurant staff who did nothing to block repeated blows.

(Editorial abstract as filtered through my offended sense of justice)

That’s appalling. If that was a relative of mine, the only compensation I would accept would be a couple of free swings of the baseball bat.

I can’t believe his friends just stood back and let him get hit repeatedly with a bat. :noway:

A baseball bat is worse than a knife. The chances for a permanent brain-injury is really high.

Never do that to someone sitting next to me, especially when I have two bowls of hot soup in front of me.
He’s got some really lame friends.

That’s the first thing I thought! WTF? Geez, to have to have the old lady step in?

I was discussing it with friends and they say it looks like the douchebag guy motions to his belt at one point, so he was likely claiming he had a gun. I understand why people would back down from a full-on confrontation in that situation, but I would still at least put my hands over my friend’s skull or try to move him further away from the psycopath.

But is not that exactly what they preach on this forum “is not your business” like a guy said “maybe it was his father or his boyfriend”.

See post number 2.

His friends each could have picked up chairs, “Douchebag” would have ran his ass out of there.

If this guys doesn’t go to jail for at least a year, then there is something totally wrong with the justice system here. Hmmm wait…

I did read it but perhaps the bystanders didn’t, you know, I’ve learned that people here think is ok to abuse a relative or a gf/bf in public and you are expected to don’t intervene and mind your business, in the last apartment I lived the drunk guy next door was swinging a sword to his door with his screaming wife holding the door on the other side, I had the wife (edit: my wife) call the cops while I was making my self visible (from the second floor) while people would just walk by from the alley not even turning to see what was happening.

The young guy’s friends obviously knew the assailant wasn’t a relative. They were simply too cowardly to do anything about it. Seriously, three or four of them couldn’t handle one older guy with a bat? They had numerous chances to tackle/disarm him. Oh, the shame…