Could someone recomend a webpage to buy flower, hbirthday cake in Taipei?i am in other continent

Hi guys, i am far from Taiwan. and i want to buy flowers , or birthdaycake for my partner in Taipei. Could you recomend me a webpage to buy online. The better, popular AND eficient one .

It looks like this florist has a website with English for online orders.


I used this one local in Taipei, speak english and the service was very good. Ordered online in UK delivered on time in Taipei.


I know the folks who operate this and vouch 100% for they are good people who will help you out.


Thanks guys, are there any for birthday cakes??

Any online shop for birthday gifts, stuffed animal like tedy bear or
any please .i apreciaté your supporting .thnks

The website is mostly in Chinese, but here is a place for beautiful birthday cakes.

You can get Teddy Bears online here (will need to navigate the Chinese though).

If you have to pay with a credit card not issued in Taiwan, your options might be limited…

My boss had a colleague who could read Chinese ordered a birthday cake from the U.S. for me while I was in Taipei last year from this bakery (They accept foreign credit cards). Their mango cake ( 芒果少奶奶) was delicious:

Otherwise, Shunchen is everywhere:

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