Could someone translate this for me please?

Found in a massive underground military installation in Jinmen. I recognize about half a dozen characters, but that’s it.

Top to bottom, right to left:

1st line: Republic 52nd Year 10th Month 26th Day (Oct 26, 1963)
2nd line: Raise the Sky Hall / Qing2tian1ting1 (Name of Jinmen Defense Central Command)
3rd line: Written by CKS

Thanks a lot, that’s great. Now I know what to write for the caption.

[From left to right]
Year of the Republic 52 [1963], October 26
Qingtian [Holding Up Heaven] Hall
Calligraphy by Chiang Kai-shek [using courtesy name Zhongzheng]

This blog post explains that the name refers to the conquest of nature by man. That makes some sense because the hall is dug out of rock and is 50 meters long x 18 meters. It took less than a year for 1,000 men working in shifts day and night to complete construction.

The hall served as a auditorium where movies could be shown and a command center/military hospital when under attack.