Could Taiwan Defeat Tanzania in a War?

The Taipei Times reported a Taiwan man named Pan, who participated in yesterday’s march to support changing the island’s name from “Republic of China” to “Taiwan,” as saying, "When I was studying abroad, my classmates from Tanzania and Malaysia would sneer at me saying that Taiwan was not a country.’

If Taiwan really wants to get itself known around the world, few things would bring more attention than enlisting the support of its firm allies in Africa, such as Liberia and Malawi, and taking on Tanzania. Chang Ching-kuo fighters, prepare to fly! And when the Tanzanians are pacified, bear course for Kuala Lumpur!

Considering the fact that the ROC has never won any war it’s ever fought, this might not be such a good idea. :laughing: Maybe the MND should hire Liu Yu-kuo (劉佑國) to start making excuses.

"Liu said his behavior was the result of watching too many adult videos and he sincerely regretted what he did.

Meanwhile, he also said that he never thought he would be caught and beaten up by a woman, especially as he had not yet succeeded in taking any pictures." … 2003066836

Blueface, I think that this could be an extension of dollar diplomacy. Taiwan pays Tanzania a fixed amount of money to throw the war. Okay, I’ve got to go. I suddenly have the urge to read Catch-22.