Council of Labour Affairs

Can they force my previous employer to sent the MOE a letter of release so I can join the ranks of the legally employed?

What’s the address I have free time on Monday and want to get this sorted out.

You need to contact your local Labor Board. I’ve posted the address for the one in Taipei before on these boards. Let me know if you are elsewhere.

They can make your ex-employer give you a release letter.

This gets asked so often it should be a sticky or in a FAQ somewhere.

My employer is in Tainan county but I live in Taipei City can this be done through the office here or not?

Probably have to do this in Tainan (City or County?). Why don’t you just call them?

According to the Employment Services Act, as a guide, it states that your prospective employer must…

Article 53

Any employed foreign person who needs to change his employer or to be recruited to work for 2 or more than 2 employers within the permitted duration must request the prospective new employer to apply for permission to change. The prospective new employer shall prepare and provide documents of termination of previous contract.

English Version … wevta1.htm

The Chinese version and you’ve armed yourself with knowledge.

I’ve just read on tealit’s section on ARC Transfers & Release Letters that ARC transfers are not only no longer necessary, but now also prohibited. There are, however, certain procedures to follow when leaving your first/current employer.

The termination letter they mention in the article is the release letter.